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Rihanna Being Topless Promotes Special Vinyl And T-Shirt Editions

By Alankar Nayak
December 11,2021

On Friday, Savage X Fenty’s Instagram profile featured a new seductive portrait of Rihanna. The image shows the 33-year-old smoldering mogul with nothing but a stack of studded belts and a T-Shirt delicately draped over her torso.

It promoted her new vinyl record collection and related tees that span her musical career. The reissue of her greatest hits has been dubbed ‘The Rih-issue,’ a pun on the pop star’s well-known moniker. The caption read, ‘We’ve got troubles this Christmas season szn…that is, #theRIHissue. Visit the Stories to see how you can participate as well. #TisTheSavage.’

Riri amplified her sex appeal by displaying one of her numerous tattoos, a vertical Sanskrit prayer, on her hip. Additionally apparent was her complex permanent henna ink on her right hand, which she skillfully concealed with a white shirt bearing her image.

In the photo, the Bajan beauty sported extremely long red nails, and her top was tucked between a couple of the various-sized black belts she wore. Along with layering the belts, she adorned her neck with a string of pearls and many lengthier pieces, including one with a vast cross pendant. Rihanna, who is currently dating rapper ASVP Rocky, wore bracelets and rings. Her long, voluminous hair was tinted in an ombré blend of dark and blonde hues. It flowed freely in an undefined side part, punctuated by a luxuriant, loose bump at the ends.

Rihanna initially advertised the Rih issue last month in an ultra-sexy photograph in which she posed on a floor with her bum elevated in the air, surrounded by her albums. She accessorized with another black platform boots in a graphic little skirt and t-shirt combo. The photographs were captioned amusingly, ‘”today’s children will never understand what vinyl is,” they stated!’ Before that, the singer used the hashtag #TheRIHissue to drive her 113 million followers to

Now, fans can purchase the recordings alongside matching apparel for the holidays.

Source: Daily Mail

Instagram: Savage X Fenty

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