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Rings of Power: What Happened To Morgoth In Second Age?

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 5,2022

The Middle-Earth was pushed into the darkness, and the balance between the light and darkness was lost, as Melkor emerged as a true enemy of the People of the Middle-Earth. When all hope was lost, Fanor as a brave warrior traveled to the lands of Valor and urged them to aid him to thwart the Dark Lord’s plans. The Elves Heard his calling and a bloody battle ensued that spanned for centuries in the Second Age.

The Dark Lord was gone, never to be seen again, or did he? Here’s what happened To Morgoth in the Second Age of the Middle-Earth.

What Happened To Morgoth In Second Age?

Dark Lord

Dark Lord in Rings of Power

Noldor elves from all walks of life finally came to terms with the fact that they were no more fighting for the same purpose that had first brought Fanor as well as his sons to Middle-earth centuries ago. After realizing that the conflict will never stop without Valar’s intervention, Eärendil and his spouse Elwing embarked on a long trip back to Valinor using a sailboat and a Silmaril. Fortunately, the Valar were persuaded by Eärendilm and his partner and they joined the elves’ cause in their battle with Morgoth.

The War of Wrath started when the Valar were finally prepared to clash spears against the evil king, and a large portion of Middle-Earth was submerged as a result of the Valar’s tremendous devastating strength. As a result, Feanor’s sons committed suicide, and the Silmarils were also lost forever. Likewise, the way in which Morgoth was vanquished is unclear.

The War of Wrath

The War of Wrath

The Evil Lord was “forced through the Gate of Night to forever rot into the abyss of nothingness,” that’s all the texts said about his downfall. The Valar effectively maimed and vanquished him. Againor’s chain had him fastened. While Morgoth was ultimately defeated by the Valar as well as the elves, it was stated that his soul remained embedded in the very fabric of the whole realm, which is why evil and decay persisted in Middle-Earth even after his downfall.

The First Age, which lasted for 600 years, ended with Morgoth’s destruction. The events of The Rings of Power actually occur during the Second Age, which is still a time of gloom since his henchman, a Maiar called Sauron, would ultimately utilize the One Ring along with the other Rings of Power to usurp his position as the new evil ruler of Middle-earth.

Will Morgoth Return In Rings of Power


Orc still from Rings of Power

It was stated that after his downfall, much of his wicked soul was released into the earth. As much of Sauron’s own essence and hatred were embedded inside the One Ring, so the realm has become the box that held Morgoth’s soul. As a result, Morgoth’s presence has persisted all through the realm’s history, including the period of The Rings of Power.

But in regards to his actual appearance, Melkor will not reappear in flesh in The Rings of Power, since the whole miniseries will focus on Sauron’s ultimate ascension to power. Since Sauron remained the ultimate foe to be vanquished, Morgoth remained dormant even throughout the Third Age.