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Rumor: Eternals Actor Returning For New MCU Production In 2022

By Ishita Chatterjee
February 3,2022

Despite the poor Rotten Tomatoes score, it can’t be denied that Chloe Zhao’s Eternals is the most ambitious MCU project yet. The movie introduced ten new MCU immortal heroes all at once, and all of them were played by Hollywood legends.

The movie received a lot of praise for its diversity. But it was heavily panned by both fans and critics. But that isn’t going to stop Marvel Studios from bringing them back for future projects and improving on the original project.

In the movie, there was a tense cliffhanger with Celestial Arishem coming to judge Earth. Multiple Eternals die in the movie and others go out in space with Eros (Harry Styles).

Marvel Studios hasn’t officially announced a sequel, but a sequel seems to be almost certain. However, before that, some immortal heroes will surely show up in other MCU films and shows.

Recent reports suggest that one of the Eternals might be coming sooner than expected, as one actor is seemingly reprising his role this summer.

Gilgamesh To Return To The MCU

Gilgamesh in Eternals

Gilgamesh in Eternals

As per allkpop, Don Lee will return as Gilgamesh in an upcoming MCU project. The South Korean actor will reportedly fly to the U.S. this summer to work on a new Marvel Studios project.

We don’t know until now what Disney+ series or MCU movie the deceased Eternal will return in. But we can certainly speculate.

Which MCU Project Will Feature Eternals’ Gilgamesh Next?

Kit Harington as Dane Whitman's Black Knight Gemma Chan as Sersi in Marvel's Eternals

Kit Harington as Dane Whitman’s Black Knight Gemma Chan as Sersi in Marvel’s Eternals

Eternals had quite a controversial reception and chances are that a sequel will be made quite far down the road. But since Don Lee’s Gilgamesh was killed at the hands of Deviant Kro in the movie, where could this Eternals hero show up next?

Gemma Chan, who plays Sersi, recently teased her upcoming return. So maybe the entire team is coming back for the project that Don Lee is going to work on in the summer of 2022.

The MCU projects that will film during the summer of 2022 are Armor Wars, Ironheart, Season 2 of Loki, Blade, and Echo. The Eternals are immortal heroes who have been on Earth for multiple millennia.



So maybe Gilgamesh could show up in a historical setting in the time-traveling Loki series. The post-credits scene of the movie established a link with Blade since the vampire-hunter’s voice can be heard warning Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman as he wields the Ebony Blade of the Black Knight.

Another possibility is that Lee might come back to voice Gilgamesh for a What If…? episode based on the Eternals. After all, it was confirmed that the next season of the animated series will tap into the Phase 4 movies.

Along with this, the Marvel Zombies animated project will also begin recording soon. But if it’s an animated project, then What If…? seems to be the most likely contender.

So before Gilgamesh’s next appearance, you still have time to catch up on Eternals, streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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