Russia Faces Downfall As Third Commander Gets Killed In Ukraine

In just eight days, a third Russian general has been slain in Ukraine, dealing yet another devastating blow to Vladimir Putin’s heinous invasion of the country. Ukraine’s government reported today that Major General Andrei Kolesnikov of the 29th Combined Arms Army was the latest high-profile victim of the war. Twenty Russian generals are said to have been involved in the failing assault, which has also resulted in the loss of 173 tanks, 12 planes, and 345 troop carriers. The multiple general casualties, according to Western officials, indicate that they are being forced to march to the front because Russia’s forces are either unable to make their own decisions or are afraid of advancing forward.

Major General Vitaly Gerasimov, 45, the first deputy commander of Russia’s 41st army, was killed four days before Kolesnikov was killed. According to accounts, Gerasimov was the son of Valery Gerasimov, the Russian military’s Chief of General Staff. Last Monday, Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky, 47, deputy commander of the Central Military District’s 41st Combined Arms Army, was slain.

While the Red Army was still advancing towards the capital through Brovary last night, a surprise attack from the front and back of the convoy obliterated a number of Russian T-72 tanks and other vehicles, forcing those who survived to turn and leave.

Russian tank commanders, according to analysts, allowed the Ukrainians to shoot down their unit by driving down the middle of a busy road leading into Kyiv – and directly into a death trap. Putin’s forces have now lost more tanks than the German army has operable tanks.

The invading forces of Moscow have sustained more losses than projected and are now facing frigid conditions in the coming days, thanks to Ukraine’s superb ambush near Brovary. It is reported that morale is low. While Russia’s 6th tank regiment is alleged to have escaped with few fatalities, Russian commander Colonel Andrei Zakharov is said to have been killed and his unit forced to retire. After the conflict, burning remains of Russian tanks littered the streets.

Major General Andrei Kolesnikov of the 29th Combined Arms Army became the latest high profile casualty of the war today in another blow to the Kremlin, Ukraine’s government announced

As the Kremlin’s generals switch from shock-and-awe precision strikes to’medieval’ siege warfare, Ukraine claims that Russian operations have now killed more civilians than military – without giving an exact count for either. However, Ukrainian forces continue to fight back, claiming that successful counterattacks around the northern city of Chern ihiv have regained five villages after Russian battalions were unable to attack successfully due to significant casualties.

Chernihiv is about 80 miles north of Kyiv, where strikes are also taking place today in an attempt to encircle the city and subject it to the kind of siege that is currently taking place elsewhere. A 40-mile death caravan that had previously jammed surrounding highways is reportedly moving into attack positions, according to satellite pictures.

President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted to suspicions that Russia is preparing to deploy chemical weapons in Ukraine in a late-night address to his people on Thursday, after Moscow accused the Ukrainian government of planning such an assault. The cities of Dnipro were hit by airstrikes early Friday. At least one person was killed in the Dnipro strike, which targeted civilian areas including a shoe factory.

The strikes in the west and in Dnipro, according to the Ukrainian military staff, were conducted because the Russians were ‘unable to succeed’ on other fronts. According to the report, Russian forces are gathering in the north and around the eastern cities of Sumy and Kharkiv on Friday, with their efforts concentrating around Kyiv and Mariupol.