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Russian Missile Worded With Chilling Messages In Strike Leaving 30 Dead

By Abraham George
April 9,2022

After two bombings in eastern Ukraine killed at least 50 people (including five children) and injured more than 100 others today, Russian soldiers scrawled a message of revenge on one of the missiles. Pictures from Kramatorsk’s busy train station showed bodies strewn across the floor, lying among luggage and baby carriages. In some photos, the bodies of some of the victims had already been placed in green body bags; in others, smoke could be seen rising from the building.

Outside the station, the remains of a large missile were left on the grass. ‘For our children’ was written in white Russian on the side of its casing, a message of revenge from the pro-Moscow soldiers who fired it. It is widely believed that Russian propaganda has been used to indoctrinate Russian troops into believing that Ukraine is committing atrocities in the east. According to military commentators, a Soviet-era Tochka U missile was used in the attack and was capable of a range of 200 to 500 feet. The station is located in the heart of Kramatorsk, which has a population of over 150,000.

Russian soldiers wrote a chilling message of revenge on the missile

Russian soldiers wrote a chilling message of revenge on the missile.

While the Kremlin denied the attack, claiming that the same missile was used in Ukraine, the projectile was painted green, as is customary for Russian weapons, while experts say the Kyiv version is painted gray. Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, condemned the attack and confirmed reports of casualties on Instagram. In the face of this adversity, there are no boundaries. And it will never stop unless something is done about it,’ he wrote. At the time of the attack, he claimed, there were no Ukrainian soldiers present at the station.

‘Fifty people have been killed, including five children. Pavlo Kyrylenko, the governor of the Donetsk region, said on Telegram that this is the death toll at this hour following the strike by Russian occupation forces on the train station in Kramatorsk. There are still 98 people injured, including 16 children, according to him, and he warned that the number of victims could change.

A scene of devastation outside the train station on Friday after 'Russian' missiles struck

A scene of devastation outside the train station on Friday after ‘Russian’ missiles struck

Around 4,000 people were at Kramatorsk’s railway station when two rockets struck, according to Mayor Oleksander Honcharenko. The majority, he said, were women, the elderly, and children preparing to flee to safer areas as Russia concentrates its forces in eastern Ukraine. According to Honcharenko, who spoke to Ukrainian television, a total of 30 to 40 surgeons were treating the injured, and hospitals were overwhelmed by the influx of patients. Ben Wallace, Britain’s defense secretary, called it a “war crime” and a “horrifying” attack that used precision missiles by the EU.

Terrorist commander Eduard Basurin claimed that the attack on the station was a Ukrainian provocation against Russia, according to another state-run news agency. At least 17 people were killed in Donetsk on March 14 when a missile from the Ukrainian military slammed into the city’s center, according to Russian media. According to experts, it was painted green, but photos from the scene show that it was actually painted gray. Although mounting evidence suggests otherwise, Moscow has denied repeatedly targeting civilians and buildings belonging to the civilian population since it began its invasion on February 24th. False flag attacks have been predicted by Western nations as a possible tactic by Russia to justify its actions in Ukraine.

Eastern Ukraine’s Kramatorsk is located just north of Donetsk and west of Luhansk. Hundreds of people can be seen boarding trains headed west in recent photos taken at the station. According to the head of Ukrainian Railways, three trains carrying evacuees were halted on Thursday after an air strike on the line.

Ukrainian servicemen stand next to damaged cars after Russian shelling at the railway station in Kramatorsk

Ukrainian servicemen stand next to damaged cars after Russian shelling at the railway station in Kramatorsk.

It has been eight years since Moscow-backed rebels in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine began fighting against Ukrainian forces, according to Ukrainian officials. They say Russian forces have been reorganising in preparation for a new offensive, and they believe Moscow is planning on taking as much of the Donbas region as possible. Civilians have been urged to leave while it is still possible and relatively safe to do so by local authorities.