Ryan Gosling As Nova: Has The Actor Finally Joined The MCU?

As each day passes, the MCU’s roster of A-list actors and actresses continues to grow. Who here has been eagerly anticipating Nova’s introduction to the MCU? We have some good news: he is on his way! Many sources suggest that jazz savior Ryan Gosling has joined the cast of the MCU.

Even though we don’t know who Ryan Gosling will play at Marvel, we have a solid guess. We believe Ryan Gosling has been cast as Nova, aka Marvel’s new Richard Rider.

Nova’s Possible First Look

It has yet to be determined who would portray Nova in the franchise, someone has already seen Ryan Gosling as Richard Rider’s Nova. Even though Nova isn’t exactly high on anyone’s list of favorite Marvel Comics characters, Gosling has a history of taking on offbeat parts, so he may be a good fit for the role.

To be clear, neither Ryan Gosling nor any other actor has been officially announced as a contender for the part of Nova, but hey, that’s the joy of fan-casting; you get to choose anyone you want. Gosling’s potential appearance as Nova was the subject of an ink mockup, which was then posted on Instagram:

Ryan Gosling as Nova

That’s not terrible at all, isn’t it? Even with Marvel’s creative use of time travel and other realities, it has been quite some time since Richard Rider, then a high school student took over as Nova.

Joining The Cosmic Side

Sam Alexander, a teenager in the comics, fights evil like Nova. However, it seems likely that Richard will be an adult when he is introduced to the MCU. This would make Ryan Gosling a reasonable choice for the part. There’s no way to know whether he will be chosen from the group of potential candidates now being assembled.

If Ryan Gosling takes up the role of Nova in the MCU, he will be joining the MCU’s cosmic side. There have been several iterations of Nova throughout Marvel Comics. However, Richard Ryder’s is by far the most well-known and widely read. The character was mostly forgotten for decades until being brought back in comics. This is where he often appears with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

This summer, at San Diego Comic-Con and the D23 Expo, Disney fans will hope to hear official confirmation. While you wait, your Disney+ membership gives you access to practically all of the MCU material that has been released since 2008. We promise to keep you updated on the latest MCU developments in Nova as they emerge.