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Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Talk Deadpool 3 In Twitter Clip

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 28,2022

Deadpool is coming to the MCU finally! Ryan Reynolds has already announced Hugh Jackman’s involvement in the move. In a hilarious video with terrible puns Ryan sets up the movie for 9th June (or Hugh) 2024. The clip ends with the pun Coming Hughn. He’ll be returning to the MCU as Wolverine. I’m sure fans are super psyched for it. Now Ryan Reynolds has released another teaser video on twitter. So get ready for some Deadpool 3 news. I’m sure fans have been waiting to here something, almost anything about it especially after its absence from the D23 Expo announcements.

Ryan Reynolds finally answers highly anticipated questions

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman talk about Deadpool in twitter clip

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman talk about Deadpool in twitter clip

If you’ve been waiting forever to hear about Deadpool 3 then you’re in the right place. Ryan Reynolds has posted a little video on twitter with Hugh Jackman. He answers questions ranging from timeline, how’s Logan alive, is he canon and MCU FAQs. But surprise, it’s none of that. Ryan Reynolds in his typical charming hilarious fashion, pranks us all while keeping a straight face. It’s borderline cruel, I know.

They asks the correct questions such as how’s Logan alive and whether or not the film’s considered canon. Though Ryan Reynolds does kind of answer this question. He says that Logan is its own separate thing entirely and wont be considered during the making of Deadpool 3. The rest of the clip is Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds goofily enacting out the “plot” of the movie with loud music over it. If anything the clip is absolutely consistent with the Deadpool humor. All it was missing were some cussed words.

What should fans expect?

Wolverine resurrected in fan made Logan scene

Wolverine resurrected in fan made Logan scene

They’re basically keeping everything about the movie completely under wraps. So we pretty much don’t know what to expected except for the unexpected. But fans have come alive! They’re making posters, scenes, parody posters and everything to resurrect Wolverine. Fans have even altered the ending of Logan to show his resurrection. With the amount of attention that Ryan Reynolds personally gives to the Deadpool franchise I’m sure it’ll be one to watch especially considering the fact that this is Deadpool’s official debut in the MCU. Stay tuned for further news!

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