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Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Debuts In The MCU With A Hilarious New Clip Featuring Korg

By Ishita Chatterjee
July 14,2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest and best example of building an empire from the ground up. Hardcore fans of the franchise will know that when the MCU was founded, they didn’t have the rights to multiple characters. Most fans know about Sony owning Spider-Man, but other heroes were out of Marvel’s reach as well.

Know that another well-known example is of 20th Century Fox holding the rights to characters like the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool as well. So this kept all of such characters from appearing in the MCU. But that barrier fell when Disney bought Fox. Then, Marvel’s roster of characters became much closer to being complete.

Deadpool In MCU

Deadpool In MCU

Now, even though everyone loves the X-Men and wants them to join the MCU soon, but at this current rate, it looks like it will be some time before viewers can see them in the MCU. However, thankfully there’s one mutant who might just reach the MCU before any of his mutant brethren make it.

That’s Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool. The best part is that MCU fans won’t have to wait anymore to see Deadpool interact with the MCU characters. This is because he has already interacted with an MCU favorite.

Deadpool Is Buddies With Korg

Deadpool enters the MCU with the help of Korg

Fans already knew that Deadpool was going to become a part of the MCU, but this is the first time that he has directly interacted with someone who is from the MCU. However, this interaction might not be what fans were expecting.

In a hilarious promotional video for Ryan Reynold’s new movie Free Guy, both Deadpool and Korg sit on a couch and riff on each other as they do a parody reaction to the trailer of the movie.

A Taste Of What’s To Come



It’s really neat and fun that the two actors were allowed by Marvel to even do this in the first place. But more importantly, it gave viewers a glimpse of what could happen in the future. We must say that the vibe of this commercial was similar to that of Ant-Man interacting with the Hulk before he actually showed up in any of the movies.

As for what’s the next Deadpool movie under the MCU? No one has any concrete idea about that even though there have been some rumors. However, fans can rest assured that a 3rd Deadpool movie is indeed happening.


But will the previous two movies stay canon? Will Deadpool’s Fox castmates enter into the MCU with him? Time will tell we suppose. After all, a lot of things are changing in MCU’s Phase 4 and this includes Stan Lee’s cameos too. 

But till then we can all watch this little clip and wait impatiently for Ryan Reynolds to begin his MCU tenure.

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