Ryan Reynolds’ Risky Move: Accepting Green Lantern Role Without Reading The Script

Explore The Controversy Surrounding Ryan Reynolds’ Decision To Accept The Role Of Green Lantern Without Reading The Script.

By Amitabh Mukherji
May 20,2023

Ryan Reynolds, known for his comedic roles and his portrayal of Deadpool, also took on the role of Green Lantern. However, what many people may not know is that Reynolds accepted the role without even reading the script. Green Lantern turned out to be a major box office disaster and a flop in Reynolds’ superhero career.

Reynolds Explains His Decision

Green Lantern 2
Green Lantern

In a 2015 interview, Ryan Reynolds revealed the reason why he didn’t read the script before accepting the role of Green Lantern. He explained that the script didn’t exist at the time and no one auditioning for the role had the opportunity to read it. Despite the film’s failure, Reynolds doesn’t regret his decision and considers it an opportunity of a lifetime.

Green Lantern: A Turning Point For Ryan Reynolds’ Personal Life

ryan reynolds and blake lively

While Green Lantern may have been a disappointment at the box office, it brought something positive into Ryan Reynolds’ life. It was during the filming of the movie in 2010 that he met his co-star Blake Lively. Their on-screen connection turned into a real-life romance, and they started dating in 2011. The couple eventually got married and now have a growing family together, including three daughters.