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Salma Hayek Leaves Fans Speechless In Plunging Slit Dress

By Celeb Staff
April 7,2022

Salma Hayek makes yet another head-turning appearance for her 20 million+ Instagram followers in an eye-popping plunging velvet dress. The 55 year-old Hollywood favorite displayed her enviable assets and toned legs in a super-classy and red-carpet-ready look back to 2021. Through the post, she gave a shout-out to the House of Gucci movie that she stars in. In a way, the update was a token of appreciation for her fans. 

Needless to say, Salma wore the Italian designer behind the movie co-starring Lady Gaga. And the look was absolutely tantalizing as the beauty posed for a big announcement.

Salma Is Beautiful In Plunging Dress

Keep scrolling to see more of the star’s best looks. The photo of the Mexican-born star sits triumphant with over 1.3 million likes. In the picture, Salma is posing against a glass-paneled balcony that overlooks the night sky and NYC streets, all lit up. The Frida actress was nothing short of a sensation in the long-sleeved and very cut-out dress with a two-tone finish.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek stuns in plunging slit dress

Not only that, the dress gave ample room for Hayek to show off her assets as it boasted a navy blue and jewel-cuffed and collared dress offering a massive cleavage flash. The Latina got heads to turn as her slender waist was out to display via a tight black skirt. In another swipe right, the snap showed it to be both floor-length and slit.

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Salma Hayek

The full view of the dress reveals a bold look at her toned legs.

For makeup, Salma wore a bold red lip. She styled her dark locks in a swept back and down manner. And she carried a minimalist small black clutch. She finished off the look with high and platform heels. In the caption, she wrote: “Start spreading the news! In New York for the @houseofguccimovie premiere 🍎🗽 En Nueva York para la premier de la Casa Gucci.” Quick to leave like was supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Shortly after that, Hayek posted another photo in a low-cut baby doll dress and platforms to commemorate receiving her first Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Salma Hayek Wins The Walk of Fame Star

Salma Hayek

She is nothing short of a sensonion at the red carpet.

While she stood on stage to receive that renowned landmark award, Hayek passed on a motivational message for fans to go for what they love in life.

“If you think you aren’t good at it like I did, make yourself good at it,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be the movies. Be your best at everything you do.”

“Try to be better. Try to find the joy in what you do,” she added. “Work hard. Prepare. Don’t care what anybody says. But most importantly, don’t listen to yourself when you bring yourself down.”

Touching on Hispanic hate in the entertainment industry, the A-Lister noted:

“If you ask yourself what gave me the courage to stay, I say it was you because although they didn’t know me, here in Hollywood, the studios, all the Latins that are in the United States knew who I was.”

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