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Samuel Jackson’s Instagram Selfie Hints At Young Fury In Secret Invasion

By Prathamesh Athavale
February 4,2022

Sam L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn’s Secret Invasion could be Marvel’s biggest Disney+ event yet, taking inspiration from the comic series of the same name. The series follows the events after Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home. It will focus on Nick Fury and Talos’ investigation of the Skrull Invasion of human society. The MCU’s 2022 schedule is tight, so Secret Invasion will be on Disney+ in 2023.

Secret Invasion is looking promising with characters and cast, such as Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill and Emilia Clarke. The primary focus of the series will be Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury. Nick is present in the MCU story for most of the Avengers Saga and the writers have finally decided to explore his story in depth. A new look at the man who plays the one-eyed spy has surfaced, hinting that we may see a glimpse of the spy’s early days in Secret Invasion.

Jackson Hints At Patch-less Fury In Secret Invasion

Samuel Jackson's Instagram Photo from the set of Secret Invasion

Samuel Jackson’s Instagram Photo from the set of Secret Invasion

Samuel Jackson recently shared his selfie on Instagram, wearing a t-shirt with Fury’s outline on it with the classic goatee. Interestingly, he is not wearing any eye patches in the photo. Including the caption below, Jackson hinted that Secret Invasion may explore the younger Fury.

“Patch, no patch, no scar, no scar. Old School Fury Day, gotta find the Groove! #SecretInvasion #justlikeridingabike”

Fury’s Backstory In Secret Invasion?



The narrative of the Secret Invasion puts Jackson’s Nick Fury in the spotlight. This is despite the fact that the cast has many other A-tier actors. This is justified, considering Fury is present for 14 years on the MCU timeline. Fans deserve to explore the backstory of this mad-spy.

Secret Invasion will look at Skrull’s invasion of Earth and Fury and Talos’ attempts to fight it. Knowing how Disney works, there should be time to examine more details of Fury’s journey. In 2019, Captain Marvel brought fans a glimpse of Fury as he got to meet Vers/Carol Danvers before she became an Avenger.

It is unclear where Secret Invasion will go with Jackson’s backstory, but looks like it might include some ‘Fury-ous’ flashbacks. Considering Fury lost his eye more than 30 years prior to this Disney+ series, the big question is whether these flashbacks will tie into the plot of Captain Marvel and Secret Invasion. The first official image of Jackson in the show from Disney+ teases that Fury will appear in some of the present-day stories without his eye patch.

The details of the series are still unclear. However, Jackson’s appearance as young Fury will certainly add a new and adventurous dimension to the narrative.

Filming for Secret Invasion is currently underway, and the series will probably premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

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