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Sarah Jayne Dunn Flaunts Her Slim Figure In Black Translucent Lingerie

By Alankar Nayak
January 13,2022

Sarah Jayne Dunn looks stunning in some of her most recent OnlyFans photos.

After signing up for the adult-only subscription service in 2021, the actress created an alternate profession, ultimately costing her a long-running part in the family-friendly drama Hollyoaks. Sarah Jayne, 40, is shown in the latest photos flaunting her thin figure in a mix of black bondage and semi-sheer underwear sets.

Sarah Jayne

The actress and model pose on all fours as she spreads herself across a double bed, smiling coyly into the camera in the first of two pictures. In a second photograph, she kneels on a green velvet chair, casting a seductive peek over her shoulder. A few of her explicit lingerie photos have lately been exposed on the internet.

Sarah Jayne earns an 80 percent commission from OnlyFans, where she has established a lucrative business outside of acting. It is now her sole source of income after Hollyoaks, where she is best known as Mandy Richardson, chose to end her contract – but the leak means her photographs may be viewed for free.

Sarah Jayne

‘This is just run for the course with any internet platform,’ a source told The Sun. Content is leaked, and it’s the same for all artists, which isn’t right, but considering Sarah’s success on OnlyFans – she’s in the top 0.5 percent of all creators globally – it’s not a big deal.

Sarah Jayne

‘The OnlyFans team is fantastic at rapidly removing leaks. Sarah is simply overwhelmed by the overwhelming support and positive feedback she receives from her OnlyFans group.’ Sarah Jayne recently slammed Hollyoaks supervisors by demonstrating the similarity of her permitted lads’ mags shoot and forbidden OnlyFans video.

Sarah Jayne highlighted the hypocrisy by sharing side-by-side photographs of the ‘nearly similar’ images she has been generating on her own, saying that the only difference is that she now has control. The actress posed for a magazine shoot in red lingerie and heels, revealing a glimpse of her peachy derriere, while in the bottom OnlyFans photo, she too showed off her curves, this time in a black G-string.

Source: Daily Mail

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