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Satellite Company Ditched Russia And Now Working With SpaceX

By Muskan Singhal
March 23,2022

This ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has affected US and Russia relationship a lot. In numerous things, the US has taken a step back that somehow involves Russia in it. That includes the deal US-based satellite company ‘One Web’ had with Russian-made “SOYUZ”. This deal was made between a US-based internet satellite company and Russian-made SOYUZ but it’s not valid anymore.

Deal's off Between US One Web and Russia's SOYUZ

Deal’s off Between US One Web and Russia’s SOYUZ

Now, the deal is being signed off between Elon Musk SpaceX company, and One Web. In a recent press release is it has been said that:

“The first launch with SpaceX is anticipated in 2022 and will add to OneWeb’s total in-orbit constellation that currently stands at 428 satellites, or 66 percent of the fleet,” a press release reads.

“We thank SpaceX for their support, which reflects our shared vision for the boundless potential of space,” OneWeb CEO Neil Masterson said.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

While nothing has been delivered about the subtleties and terms of the understanding are as yet hush-hush, the news is illustrative of the worldwide space local area’s more prominent shift away from depending on Russian-made rockets in the midst of the Ukraine emergency – and going to the Elon Musk-drove organization for orbital send off administrations all things considered.

In this month’s beginning, only One Web reveals about dissolving their deal with a Russian-based company. This episode was followed up by uncommon remarks made by Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s space boss, who requested OneWeb give a few ensures the broadband satellites “won’t be utilized for military purposes.”

Russian Space Chief

Russian Space Chief

In fact, One Web isn’t the only one that is moving forward without the support or company of Russia. Sources have informed that NASA is also taking further steps to make things happen in the future without Russia’s presence.

Seems as though different nations won’t make things simple for Russia by any means. As of late the European Space Agency additionally declared last week it is suspending the send-off of its ExoMars wanderer mission since it was intending to utilize a Russian-made Proton rocket.

Considering this news, it’s not hard to envision other space organizations taking action accordingly, as the global brush-off towards Russia on solid land looks increasingly more to expand well past Earth’s environment.