Scarlet Witch Fans Want Marvel Studios To Adapt The Witches Road Comic For Their Antihero
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Scarlet Witch Fans Want Marvel Studios To Adapt The Witches Road Comic For Their Antihero

Fans of Scarlet Witch want Marvel Studios to give her the redemption she deserves by adapting the Witches’ Road comic for her solo film

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 31,2023

It has been fascinating to witness the meteoric rise of the character of Scarlet Witch. Even though Wanda Maximoff was introduced in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” it took “WandaVision” to make fans appreciate the complexity of her character. Her return in “Doctor Strange 2” solidified her popularity.

From then onwards, fans have been hoping to see her in a solo project. While initially a lot of insiders confirmed the project, but later on the lack of any official confirmation from Marvel made a lot of them backtrack. But recently a MCU scooper confirmed that such a project is indeed in development. So now, fans want to see a specific comic storyline in her film.

Fans Wants The Scarlet Witch Film To Adapt The Witches Road Storyline

Scarlet Witch: Witches Road

Scarlet Witch: Witches Road

On the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit fans of the Scarlet Witch have one desire. For Marvel Studios to adapt the Witches’ Road comic storyline for Wanda’s solo movie. One fan confidently said, “They’ll probably adapt Witches Road from the comics, this is where Agatha is trying to help Wanda fix her public image. Just makes the most sense for her story.”

Another commentator said, “A Witches Road storyline, an X-Men film with her on it, becoming a magic detective of sorts, so many non villain things they could do for her.”

Other commentators had similar ideas.

What Is The Witches Road Comic About?

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch

Written by James Robinson and illustrated by Vanesa R. Del Rey  in 2016, the “Scarlet Witch: Witches Road” is about Wanda Maximoff going on a journey to various countries to solve seemingly interconnected murders. But she isn’t alone on this journey. With her there’s Agatha Harkness.

The one behind the murders is an old warlock who wants revenge for something that was done to him centuries ago. The comic book also introduced and expanded on various magical concepts. For example, the realm of the Mother Goddess where female witches become strong and powerful. As such, if Marvel adapts this storyline then it will give Wanda Maximoff a chance to redeem herself by saving the world.

After all, even though the ending of “Doctor Strange 2” did redeem the Scarlet Witch because she destroyed it all with herself, it wasn’t enough for many. So a movie dedicated to her saving lives will be the highlight of her journey for many. But where will such a film fit? We think that between “Avengers: Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars” will be the perfect time for this.

Wanda Maximoff’s Role In MCU’s Phase 5

Scarlet Witch creates the hex in the MCU

Scarlet Witch creates the hex

Multiple MCU insiders have reported that the Avengers will lose the fight against Kang in “Avengers: Kang Dynasty.” So Scarlet Witch’s solo film can redeem her and then she can come back and fight Kang in “Avengers: Secret Wars.” After all, it’s prophesized that she will rule or annihilate the cosmos. As such a battle with Kang has almost been foretold.

We assume that magic will play a huge role in defeating Kang because Marvel Studios is reportedly fast tracking the development of “Doctor Strange 3” and a Disney+ series based on the Strange Academy comics. Also, thematically, Kang is a technology-based villain. So using magic as the counter to him will be perfect.

Marvel Studios reportedly plans on releasing the two projects before Kang Dynasty. We think that the importance of magic will become more pronounced with the Scarlet Witch teaming up with other magicians to take down the main villain of Phase 5.

What do you think? Let us know.

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