Scarlet Witch Rumored To Fight X-Men Character In Doctor Strange 2
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Scarlet Witch Rumored To Fight X-Men Character In Doctor Strange 2

By Yogesh Kumar
August 26,2021

Fans dropped the bomb and took over the whole Internet after Spider-Man No way home trailer appeared on the feed. Thanks to Doctor strange’s role, we now know that the multiverse and dimension have been unlocked. This could be a whole change after the Marvel and Sony’s Deal. But who knows? Even an Easter egg for vulture’s cameo was introduced in Morbius.

Well, this won’t be possible with our sorcerer supreme, Doctor Strange who messed up with the timeline and multi-dimensions. From there, it is worth noting mutant’s existence in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Multiple Fan theories around Scarlett witch appeared where she was associated with X-Men and also considered to be the daughter of Magneto.

What’s the Source?

Scarlet Witch And Jean Grey

Twitter is a goldmine of fan’s theories and we all know Daniel Richtman always brings out the insider’s information so deeply that every fan tends to ponder over twice, thrice and keeps it going.

Now, according to him, things are going to get insane in the upcoming Doctor Strange 2 movie.

Daniel Richtman Tweet

This came in direct response to a Twitter user praising that Doctor Strange vs Thanos fight in Infinity war. Well, despite being a fan theory, it could be true in many cases.

  1. It was revealed earlier, Wanda Maximoff will be sharing the screen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
  2. Wanda is a mutant. In comics, she and quicksilver both are kids of the magneto. Worth mentioning fact is, Quicksilver from X-men too is a son of Magneto. Weird? Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  3. Doctor Strange has shown his madness already in No way Home’s trailer and a multi-dimension path has been revealed.

No one can’t be sure about this marvel fan theory and prediction but it has already happened in the case of Infinity War. Since the shooting has just begun yet, so, predictions can be dangerous for now as the production houses can change it, just to shock every viewer.

Who Wanda will be fighting?

scarlet witch

It’s an alluring temptation, to be sure, but there are a lot of choices to choose from. The first character who springs to mind is Magneto, who would not only make for an amazing action sequence but also one with a fun back-story, as the two were once father and daughter in the books.

Another one that comes on this list is Jean Grey. Hell, she is the perfect competition to Wanda and after her phoenix power being unleashed, she can give perfect challenge to Wanda.

In the Marvel Comic book series, we witnessed the Fantastic Four fighting together and against Avengers. Their appearance in Marvel Cinematic Universe will be more significant than the Mutants and this will boost their on-screen appearance easily.

If turns out to be wrong then what?

Scarlet Witch And Magneto

Though things are pretty in favor of this fan theory still you never know when Marvel changes their direction. All this could be back-off if any problem occurs in Sony- Disney Deal and our lovely Spiderman is the very first link of this. If everything remains pretty smooth and Fox Star Studios, Sony, and Marvel amalgamate characters, the box office will be blown then.

And if somehow nothing such happens still we are getting many new characters such as Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Eternels. They won’t let us down.

Now, this whole maze can be solved in March 2022 once we will have the movie onboard. This chain of theories making waiting tolerance harder.

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