Selena Gomez And Zayn Malik's Romance Sparks Drama With Gigi Hadid
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Selena Gomez And Zayn Malik’s Romance Sparks Drama With Gigi Hadid

Get The Latest Update On The Rumored Romance Between Selena Gomez And Zayn Malik. Despite Being Optimistic, Things Are Not Yet ‘serious’ Between The Two, And Zayn Is Okay With Letting Selena Go

By Akshay Sharma
April 1,2023

Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez have been in the news for their rumored romance. Despite Gigi Hadid‘s unbothered attitude towards their relationship, their romance has not become ‘serious’. Here’s the latest insider update on their rumored relationship.

The Beginning of Rumors

Selena And Zayn

Dating rumors started when Selena and Zayn were spotted having dinner in New York, holding hands and sharing a kiss. Adding fuel to the fire, Gomez was also seen with Zayn’s personal assistant, Taryn Zimmerman.

Zayn’s Feelings

Zayn And Gigi

According to a source close to US Weekly, Zayn has always admired Selena and thinks she’s an incredible person. However, the insider claims that things are not yet ‘serious’ between the two. Zayn has been focused on himself these past few years, but he feels ready to date again. He’s optimistic about the possibility of things growing between him and Selena, but he’s not putting any pressure on the situation. He would rather let things progress organically and believes Selena feels the same way.

Zayn’s Stance

Zayn And Selena

Despite enjoying his romance with Selena, Zayn is okay with letting her go. He thinks Selena is free to see other people, but he would love to continue seeing her and see where things go.

In contrast to the rumors, Gigi Hadid has no issues with their relationship. She is happy for Zayn and looks forward to amicably ‘co-parent’ their daughter Khai.