Shawn Levy Makes MCU History As Director And Producer For Deadpool 3

Marvel Studios Makes History By Appointing Shawn Levy As Director And Producer For Deadpool 3, The First Time A Movie Director Has Received A Producing

By Amitabh Mukherji
April 7,2023

Marvel Studios has recently announced that director Shawn Levy will helm the highly anticipated Deadpool 3, making him the first director to ever receive a producer credit on an MCU film. Levy will be teaming up for the third time with the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds, following their previous collaborations on Free Guy and The Adam Project.

A Busy Schedule For Levy

Ryan Reynolds starts training for Deadpool 3!
 Deadpool 3!

Levy’s upcoming schedule is certainly a busy one, as his work on Deadpool 3 will slightly overlap with his time on Stranger Things Season 5, a show in which he has played an integral role over the past few years. With this new role, Levy will be one of the busiest men in Hollywood for the next couple of years.

Shawn Levy’s Promotion To Producer

Shawn Levy
Shawn Levy

Aside from directing, Levy will also serve as a producer on Deadpool 3 alongside Ryan Reynolds and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. This move marks the first time in MCU history that a movie director has received a producing credit on the film they are already directing.

Marvel Studios has previously allowed their creatives to expand their duties on MCU projects, including actors who have become executive producers on their shows or movies. Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Productions will also co-produce the film with Marvel Studios, bringing Deadpool into the MCU for the first time.

Levy’s Place In The MCU

Shawn Levy And Ryan Reynolds

Levy’s addition to this elite class of MCU directors opens up the possibility for him to stay with the franchise for more than one solo movie. The highly-anticipated Deadpool 3 is expected to start filming in the coming months, and fans are eagerly awaiting more information about the project. With Levy’s previous experience and Reynolds’ beloved portrayal of the character, the film is sure to be a success.