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She-Hulk: Actor Reveals Mo-Cap Suit for Tatiana Maslany’s Hero

By Ishita Chatterjee
January 5,2022

2022 is going to be a big year for Marvel Studios (because honestly, which year isn’t) since the studio has several eye-catchy movies and shows lined up.

Among the movies, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder will surely send fans into a tizzy. On the Disney+ front, Moon Knight and She-Hulk are already expanding the MCU.

The Tatiana Maslany led She-Hulk show will be only the second truly Hulk-centric project after 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. The show has finished filming, and right now, it’s in post-production.

But Marvel Studios hasn’t released a lot of info about the show. All fans know about the show is from the sizzle reel released during November 2021’s Marvel Studios’ Disney+ Day presentation.

That 15-sec footage had a hint of the fourth-wall-breaking that the show will be doing. Along with this, there was a small tease at how She-Hulk will look fully transformed.

One of the challenges of developing She-Hulk is that Jennifer Walters stays most of the time in her Hulk form. This means that this show will require a lot of CGI work to be done compared to its other Disney+ counterparts.

Now, as the show slowly readies itself for its Disney+ premiere, one of Tatiana Maslany’s co-stars has shared a pic of the work that goes into bringing the larger-than-life hero to the screens.

She-Hulk Set Photo Shows Tatiana Maslany’s Mo-Cap Suit

Ginger Gonzaga posted pic of Tatiana Maslany in a mo-cap for She-Hulk

Ginger Gonzaga posted pic of Tatiana Maslany in a mo-cap for She-Hulk

She-Hulk actor Ginger Gonzaga will play Jennifer Walters’ best buddy in the upcoming Disney+ show. She recently posted an Instagram story of She-Hulk lead star Tatiana Maslany in her motion-capture (or as it’s generally called- mo-cap) suit.

The pic above shows Maslany’s head with little dots framing her forehead. She is wearing a helmet, and a rod is attached to it. On the rod is a green flat head. This weird face is practical since it lets Maslany’s co-stars interact with and talk to a head 7-ft off the ground.

This is where She-Hulk’s face will be in her Hulked-out form after the visual effects are done. As such, that flat head helps the other actors focus on something while talking to Tatiana’s She-Hulk. Without it, different actors might assume different heights of the hero in her Hulked-Out form.

 Ginger Gonzaga added the following caption to her pic:

“And shout out to #jenhulk (as we nicknamed her) this is what Tatiana Maslany has to hold on top of her head when she’s Shulkie.”

This mo-cap suit is similar to what Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi wore while playing Korg. He will play the role in 2022’s Thor: Love and Thunder again. In the mo-cap suit, he too, wears dots on his face just like Tatiana does.

However, Taika doesn’t have a green head attached to his helmet. He instead has a replica of his character- Korg’s head as well as face.

Fans Have Faith On Marvel Studios To Deliver Great CGI

Taika Waititi in mo cap for Korg

Taika Waititi in mo-cap for Korg

After more than a decade in Hollywood, Marvel Studios has completely mastered the complex art of motion capture over the years. And this will continue with Tatiana Maslany’s Disney+ show She-Hulk hitting streaming services this year.

We have seen Marvel nailing the CGI on humongous and totally CGI-made beings. Over the years, villains and heroes like Josh Brolin’s Thanos and Hulk, of course, have come to life totally through computer animation.

This meant that Marvel had to creatively figure out a way to make those characters work on its actual sets with the other actors. Now, this will continue with Tatiana Maslany as well as her co-stars on She-Hulk.

Smart Hulk

Smart Hulk

Maslany isn’t the only actor on whom this technology will be used. Mark Ruffalo will be on the show as Smart Hulk. So he will interact with his cousin for sure.

This means that She-Hulk will have a lot of work to do in the CGI and editing departments since now filming is over. How this will be done, and whether it all will look good on-screen or not remains to be seen.

However, Marvel’s history regarding this is flawless, and as such fans have faith in them to deliver yet another fantastic adventure. As such, the hype and excitement for the show is slowly building already.

She-Hulk will premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

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