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She-Hulk And Titania Fight It Out In Court In Episode 5

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 16,2022

The previous She-Hulk episode ended with Jen Walters being served a trademark suit by Titania. In She-Hulk episode 5 this trial finally reaches court. We also get to see Titania launch her brand of makeup and skincare cosmetics under the name of She-Hulk. Titania truly is the superpowered influencer she claimed to be. Moreover, this episode answers some very important questions regarding copyright laws for superhero names and the privacy of these individuals. So, let’s see what exactly went down between the two.

She-Hulk gets a new lawyer

Mallory Book in She-Hulk episode 5

Mallory Book in She-Hulk episode 5

Within the first few minutes, we get to see the lawyer who will be representing She-Hulk. It’s none other than fellow colleague at GLK and H, Mallory Book. She is an absolute badass and keeps things very real even with Jen. She is fierce, fearless and a damn good lawyer obviously. Mallory also makes some snarky comments about Jen getting outmaneuvered by an influencer. She makes it clear that she’s in charge and that Jen will just have to sit tight and be a good client, not a lawyer.

Mallory and Jen countersue Titania

Mallory Book countersues Titania

Mallory Book countersues Titania

Jen’s lawyer, Mallory comes up with the idea to countersue Titania as a show of strength. Her plan was simple. They would establish that Jen was using the name She-Hulk long before it was trademarked and that now Titania is simply benefitting off of the publicity that She-Hulk has already gotten.

First court session

She-Hulk vs Titania in court

She-Hulk vs Titania in court

Jen and Mallory walk into court while Titania is naturally having her picture clicked while being super overdressed for court. She mocks Jen by calling her Shrek which seems pretty in character for her mean girl influencer personality. Mallory Book gives her opening statement and she absolutely kills it. She talks about how the name She-Hulk has been given by the public to Jen and was never used before Jen’s Hulk appearance. While the opposition makes the argument that Jen was never interested in the name, She-Hulk, Mallory Book claps back. She shows the clip of the news interview that Jen did where she talked about the She-Hulk name. However, Book needs to prove a pattern of Jen using the name and don’t worry she will.

Jen Walters comes up with their defense

Jen's online dates return

Jen’s online dates return

While talking to Nikki during lunch, Jen realizes that she used the name She-Hulk extensively and even went on dates after opening a dating profile on Matcher with that very name. This would establish a pattern and all her previous dates would act as witnesses.

In court once again

Jen vs Titania in court once again

Jen vs Titania in court once again

Titania looks just as extra and fabulous as ever. Meanwhile all of Jen’s dates sit in the back of the courtroom. We also get some hilarious titbits about Jen’s Matcher profile. Her about me section described her as Mean, Green, and Straight poured into these jeans. Her answer to what do you look for in a partner was even funnier. She wrote a sturdy back and a reinforced king-sized bed. Seems pretty on point as we have seen Jen break a bed before when she turned into She-Hulk after Banner woke her up with an air horn.

Then we have the witness testimonies which are just as disastrous as the dates. The first guy calls her a try hard, the fan guy was just creepy and the last guy talked about their great and intense date. The court rules in favour of Jennifer Walters! Yayy! Mallory Book takes another big W.

The episode solves the trademarking mystery

This episode shows that superheroes do not need to necessarily trademark their names. As long as they use the name in a professional capacity and there are multiple instances of the media calling them so, they are good to go. In this way, superheroes can also maintain their privacy and the secrecy regarding their real identities. Especially when it comes to supers such as Spider-Man who can’t really copyright the name himself as Peter Parker because it would give his identity away. Its also a pretty interesting take on the smaller problems that superheroes might face, something that fans don’t get to see much of in the bigger MCU projects.

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