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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Episode 2 Review

By Chandraboli Majumdar
August 25,2022

The second episode of She-Hulk was released today. Here’s a quick review of all that happened in it.

Jen loses her job

She Hulk episode 2 Jen looks for a job

She Hulk episode 2, Jen looks for a job

The episode starts with the media covering She-Hulk’s appearance in court to stop Titania. Everyone is celebrating her as a hero. Jen however is not that pumped about it all and especially not about her name. She and her paralegal go to a bar where people are celebrating and cheering for her. This is where her boss informs her that she lost the case she was fighting in court that day. The firm GLK and H successfully declared the case as a mistrial due to She-Hulk’s influence on the jury with her actions. This leads to her getting fired as she becomes a liability to the DA’s office. She looks for a job everywhere but gets turned down due to her newfound superpowers.

Family dinner

Jen needs to go to a family dinner right after she’s fired. This part mostly acts as comic relief and to show how people treat her differently now that she’s a Hulk. We meet her kind and caring father and mother. During dinner, everyone keeps talking to her about superheroes and the fact that she’s She-Hulk. Afterwards, she has a genuine conversation with her father which makes her realize that she’ll be okay and that she did the right thing.

Hired by GLK and H

She-Hulk at her new job

She-Hulk at her new job

Holden Holliway, a senior partner at GLK and H offers Jen a job at his firm as he is impressed by her abilities as an attorney. However, on the first day, it is revealed that she will be heading the new superhero division of the firm as She-Hulk instead of Jen Walters. Her very first case is that of Emil Blonsky aka the Abomination. She naturally feels uncomfortable taking on the case as Abomination tried to kill her cousin, Bruce. But she’s given an ultimatum to either take the case or leave the job.

Meeting Abomination

Emil Blonsky

Jen meets Emil Blonsky and after talking to him she decides to take on the case. She even talks to Bruce about it and gets his approval. However, the episode ends with a twist as Jen finds out that Emil might not be as reformed as he claimed to be. He apparently escaped prison and was seen in a fighting ring.

The post credits was just Jen helping her family do menial tasks that require her super human strength. The episode definitely felt like a filler and did not do too much other than set up the next few episodes.

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