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She-Hulk Ep-1 Proved The Story Is To Be Different From Comics

By Sumit Sahu
August 19,2022

We all have watched the She-Hulk Episode 1, and have already felt the difference in comic book storyline and the one of the MCU. We know that the way Jennifer Walters became Hulk had a very different reason from what we saw in the first episode.

The Accident Scene

Jen and Bruce Car Scene

Jen and Bruce Car Scene

In comics, Jennifer Walters is the one who gets seriously injured in the accident and gets admitted in a hospital. She was on the verge of dying when Bruce Banner had to give her his blood to save her life.

Bruce Banner made his sister a new version of the Hulk, just for the sake of saving her life. And that made the audience emotional and more connected to the story.

In She-Hulk, which aired yesterday, we saw Bruce Banner crying out in pain and was bleeding as he had the device to keep him in his human form even when was distressed and frightened during the accident.

Hence, that resulted in his injury and the blood droplets mixed up with Jen’s open wounds. And that is how she turned into Hulk.

It was so fast and random that people didn’t get much time to process. First, they showed the accident scene like a flashback narration, which is not what fans are expecting from Marvel.

Yes, we agree that Marvel cannot keep elaborating on comic accurate plots as it will eat up the main story time. But, that is the whole motive of running a series of episodes instead of movie, isn’t it? They have to give time to the characters and introduce them well in the stories.

Jennifer Turns Into She-Hulk



Comic had a completely different angle on how Bruce trains Jennifer, and how his experience helped his sister control the rage and power. But, in the movie, all we saw was Hulk being humiliated by his sister, as she could easily control her powers, with/without the help of his brother.

Fans await to see what more twists and turns will Marvel introduce to She-Hulk’s eight more episodes. The best suggestion is to avoid comparing the storyline to comics and just enjoy it with a fresh approach.


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