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She-Hulk Ep-1: Why Was Sakaarian Ship Looking For Hulk?

By Sumit Sahu
August 19,2022

The reason for Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner’s accident was a Sakaarian ship that just popped up out of nowhere in front of their car, and it fell down the hill, causing all the damage.

But, why was a Sakaarian ship looking for Jen and Bruce on Earth? Bruce did speak about it for a little screen time, but fans wanted to learn more about it. But again, Marvel doesn’t want to waste screen time by deviating from the main character.

Bruce Talks About The Sakaarian Ship

Sakaarian Ship

Sakaarian Ship

When Jeniffer wakes up in Bruce’s lab space, she walks down to Bruce and asks him, “Did we get hit by a spaceship?”

Bruce talked a little about his events on Sakaar, which we are aware of from Thor:Ragnarok. He fled the planet earlier with Thor, and that might be the reason why Sakaar is tracking down Bruce Banner. May be, we will get a different angle on it, when a Hulk movie or series comes out in the future.

Marvel didn’t talk much about Hulk’s side of the story on meeting with an accident. But the scene immediately jumped to show the vitals of Jennifer along with her Gamma radiation levels.

Jennifer Was Stressed Out To Be Part Of It

She Hulk Lab Scenes

She Hulk Lab Scenes

Jennifer was stressed out to be the new Hulk and have those powers. But, that stress didn’t lasted much longer because Bruce explained what would happen if she returns to the world untrained of controlling the beast.

He didn’t wanted his sister to go through everything that he went through being a Hulk. So, he takes the mantle of training and helping her control her alter-ego. But that turned out to be pretty easy for Jennifer.

And with all of this, Marvel just deviated us fans from Hulk’s story and put us all in She-Hulk’s plot. They did it intentionally to show us that they will not emphasise other characters but only the ones who will be the main protagonist of this story.

But we saw Iron Man trending in Captain America: Civil War, and Wanda in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness (LOL). We can now predict that Marvel is changing approaches towards building a character and a story in its movies and series.

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