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She-Hulk Ep-3: Who Is Adamant To Run Tests On Jennifer’s Blood?

By Sumit Sahu
September 3,2022

She-Hulk Episode 3 is out! And it is a talked about point that who is trying to test on Jennifer? What urged the gangsters and villains out there to test on a Hulk? May be, this is not something what happened recently, but something that is connected to something that happened in the past.

The Military’s Plan On Building The Army Of Hulks

General Ross

General Ross

In the movie, The Incredible Hulk, we saw how General Ross was willing to take Bruce Banner captive and test on his blood to make an entire army of Hulks. He also infused the super soldier serum to Emil Blonsky, which enhanced his aggressive side when he actually turned into ABOMINATION.

Ross was always into replicating the beast and tame it to use it for the Government’s sake. He believed that Bruce Banner is US Government’s property, and now he might want to achieve his lost goal through Jennifer Walters.

But, General Ross could have just sent a team of special officials to call in Jennifer for a chat. Jen wouldn’t have denied to go visit Ross and discuss on the matters. But instead, there were goons who looted some Asgardian truck to steal weapons and attack She-Hulk.

Someone was trying to get hold of her blood, but she soon turned into She-Hulk, which made it impossible for the guy to pierce her skin for extracting blood.

Now, this scene creates a confusion on who can be the one curious about how Jennifer became She-Hulk. There is a possibility that this someone might be planning on making more of Hulks to rampage the city or to succeed with some anti-hero thoughts.

If Not General Ross, Then Who Else Can It Be?

Samuel Sterns

Samuel Sterns

If it is not General Ross, then the second guess is Samuel Sterns, a.k.a Mr.Blue from The Incredible Hulk. We all saw how crazy he was for collecting Bruce’s blood and experiment on it. He has been hidden since Abomination hit him with a blow, presumed dead. But, we never saw his body! Instead we have seen Bruce’s blood dripping on his wound, which made his head swell and grow, similar to that of Hulk’s transformation.

So, there is a possibility that he is the one who wants to either fix the problems caused to him, or want to run more experiments on Jennifer’s version of the controlled Hulk.

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