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She-Hulk Episode 1: Marvel Is Ought To Tease Iron Man In Every Movie and Series

By Sumit Sahu
August 19,2022

She-Hulk Episode 1; Is it a legacy that Marvel is trying to build for Iron Man? Or, Is it that Marvel cannot stop believing the fact that fans want to see Iron Man in some way or the other in their movies and series?

Both of these considerations might be true! It is because, we saw a lot of Iron Man and Tony Stark references in She Hulk Episode 1. We will discuss about it, one by one.

Iron Man’s Damaged Helmet

Iron Man Helmet

Iron Man Helmet

When Jennifer Walters woke up in Hulk’s den after hulking out to people on streets, she comes across an Iron Man helmet on a table that was damaged and was presented as a memento.

We got a closer look at it, and as per an Iron Man helmet is considered, that was a good screen time for fans to find all the hidden details in it.

Tony Gave The Lab And Equipment To Bruce

She Hulk Lab Scenes

She Hulk Lab Scenes

Later, in the episode when Jen asks Bruce about how he is going to test her and train her in a beach lab, Bruce replies that Tony gave him this to fight his alter-ego during the blip. In further episodes or in the future, it is possible that we will learn how Tony contributed his knowledge in helping Hulk become the Smart Hulk.

Beach Bar

Hulk and Jen drinking together

Hulk and Jen drinking together

In a later scene, when Jen and Bruce are talking about some Hulk stuff in a bar, Jen asks him whether he has constructed the bar all by himself. He replies with a ‘Yes’ and says, he and Tony used to have drinks here, as Tony was the one who always drank and kept talking about how Steve did wrong to him.

In a very smart way, Marvel teased the bond between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers as well. As Hulk was in this bar after the blip and before End-Game, it is possible that Tony used to work on several things with Bruce to bring all the blipped people back.

A little later in the episode we saw the wood scribbles that said B.B. and T.S. Hulk running his hands over those scribbles, totally showed the bond they shared. For a moment, Hulk and the fans watching the episode remembered Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man.

We would like to see more Iron Man references, later in further episodes! Isn’t it?

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