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She Hulk Episode 2 Answers Fan’s Wild Questions

By Siddhant Chawla
August 25,2022

Marvel dropped the second episode of She-Hulk Attorney At Law, today, leading to multiple revelations and easter eggs.

Looks like the civilians of the MCU want the same questions answered as us. Marvel plays with Jennifer Walters by making her family question the unjustified rumors about the Avengers.

These famous rumors about the Avengers have been questioned in the recent past as well since phase 1 of the MCU. Let’s dive into a few of these mentioned in both episodes.

1. Captain America’s Virginity

Captain America, Peggy Carter

Captain America, Peggy Carter

Jennifer Walters turns out to be a hard-core Captain America fan or a hard-core fan of Cap’s ass. Well, her wallpaper of his ass says a lot.

After the events of Avengers Endgame, fans were left wondering if Captain America lost his virginity when he time traveled to the past. Episode 1 of the She-Hulk series answered this rumor.

Hulk states Steve’s virginity was lost in the year 1943 to a girl during the USO tour. This rumor leads to another speculation by fans if Captain America’s still alive.

Hulk’s statement, ‘Captain America is not a virgin’, makes us question his possible death, which was somewhat cleared in Falcon And The Winter Soldier.

2. Hawkeye’s Arrows



Does Hawkeye have unlimited arrows? Does he reuse his arrows or make new ones? These questions have been haunting the fans for over a decade now.

Jennifer’s father puts up an interesting question if he goes around and collects them when he’s done. “That’s a neat trick”, Marvel! Asking the same questions fans do and not answering them.

Earlier this year, in Disney Plus’s Hawkeye series, we somewhat got the answer to this question, only when Hawkeye started counting his arrows. Even after that his limited amount of arrows felt never-ending.

3. Hulk’s Endgame Sacrifice



After Spiderman Far From Home, fans were left confused as the world considered Iron Man to be the hero who saved them. No one knew that it was Hulk whose Snap brought everyone back to life.

Hulk had been quite the public figure during the five-year gap between Infinity War and Endgame. But wasn’t ever given the acknowledgment for his snap, which changes now.

People in the MCU have heard the rumors about his snap and continue to question it. Or is it just Bruce’s family that knows of it?

Marvel continues to surprise us with its new revelations. Well, which other rumors will Marvel answer with its next episode of She-Hulk Attorney At Law?

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