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She-Hulk Episode 2: Emil Blonsky Pleads for Parole; Blames Government

By Sumit Sahu
August 25,2022


If you haven’t watched the She-Hulk Episode 2 yet, then go watch it and then come for this explanation breakdown. 

In She-Hulk episode 2, we saw Emil Blonsky, a.k.a Abomination pleading to get a parole on his imprisonment. He wants to start a new life without destruction and chaos. Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk is being handed over the case where she will be representing Emil as her client.

But, Jennifer was well aware of the destruction and death count Emil Blonsky caused. But, Emil did had a lot of justification to his case, which convinced Jennifer to help him get the parole request passed.

Emil Blonsky Blames The Government

Emil Blonsky

Emil Blonsky

Emil Blonsky tells that he was a solider and was decorated with many achievements. He was called in for a task to capture and neutralise Hulk. Instead, the Government injected him with Super Soldier Serum.

Jennifer was shocked to hear this, as many across this world are still unaware of how Abomination was created.

Emil Blonsky admits that he tried to kill Hulk, but has left those things in the past and is apologetic for that behaviour. He said that Government assigned him to kill Hulk. Jennifer argued with him saying that, he destroyed the Harlem city, and he was not signed for that.

To his answer, Emil again blames the government as they puffed him up with a lot of Super Soldier serum. But that is where he lied! As we have seen The Incredible Hulk of 2008, we know that Emil Blonsky took the overdose of Bruce’s blood and the faulty super soldier serum, to become Abomination, in desperation to kill Hulk.

Jennifer Walters a.k.a She-Hulk Accepts The Case

Jennifer and Emil Blonsky

Jennifer and Emil Blonsky

But, Jennifer was convinced that there are strong points ready to take on the case of Emil Blonsky and give him the parole he deserves. Jennifer talks to Bruce and confirms for the case. Right when her boss asks to turn on the television, where the news of Abomination fighting Wong was leaked online.

Abomination and Wong’s underground superhuman fight was witnessed in the movie, Shang Chi: The Legend of Ten Rings. We saw that Wong teleported Abomination back to the prison cage where he is held as a prisoner now. This is really going to affect Jen’s hold on the case. And fans will also get to know the mystery of how Abomination broke through such secured cage.

The point is, with this case, Jennifer Walters will probably expose the Government and might also touch the fact that somewhere the super soldier serum might still be misused.

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