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She-Hulk Episode 2: Smart Hulk On The Sakaar Messenger Ship

By Sumit Sahu
August 25,2022

She-Hulk episode 2 is out, and we are all amazed by one shot where we saw Hulk heading out of space on a Sakaar messenger ship. We all saw how the same ship intervened and lead Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner meet with an accident.

The same ship is now carrying Smart Hulk, possibly to Sakaar. Is Marvel setting up the plot for a new solo Hulk movie? It has been a long time, since we have seen Hulk in his solo fights and storylines. After The Incredible Hulk, we all have missed the Hulk we liked and enjoyed watching.

Why Was Sakaar Messenger Ship Looking For Bruce?

Sakaar Ship

Sakaar Ship

After Thor Ragnarok events, Hulk and Thor left planet Sakaar and went on a rampage to kill Hela. But, Hulk was the champion of that planet, whereas the other fighters were kept as prisoners. So, it was a good thing Hulk escaped that planet without which, Avengers could have never prepared themselves to take on Thanos.

But why is Sakaar’s messenger ship wandering around Earth to take Hulk back to the planet. In the episode, we saw our Bruce being casual about heading to the planet away from Earth, and is not even scared of the possibility that he might not return back to Earth.

Therefore, it is possible that Sakaar might be in some kind of danger or extinction, and they know Hulk to be powerful enough to help them overcome it. Not just Hulk, but Sakaarians might have also researched about Bruce Banner and his 7 PHDs. So, they might not need just the brute force, but a sharp mind too.

Therefore, they might have convinced Smart Hulk to come with them and fight the battle that they cannot.

Hulk Agreeing To Go For A Quest To Sakaar

Smart Hulk

Smart Hulk

In the episode, we saw Hulk chilling out with his lab equipment on the spaceship while talking to his sister. It didn’t seem like he is being forcefully taken off-worlds. But with this scene, it is probably clear that we might not get to see Smart Hulk in this series any further.

We might see him in the end when all things are sorted and there might be a post-credit hint to a solo movie or series of Hulk.

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