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She-Hulk Episode 4: Marvel Teases Johny Blaze And The Hell World

By Sumit Sahu
September 8,2022

Marvel is trying to be hilarious on all fronts in Phase 4. And She-Hulk is just the right example to it, after Thor: Love and Thunder. She-Hulk episode 4 is out and all we get to see is court rooms, lawyer’s office and to change the taste, a bit of magic.

If there is supposedly any big bad out there, then Marvel is definitely planning to rush on things and make She-Hulk look like a fool, just like they did with her cousin in recent MCU movies of Phase 3.

But one good thing to notice in the 4th episode of She-Hulk is that, they brought magic to the scene. Wong got more screen time in this episode, and the vibrant discussion on mystic arts and superior power, somehow made us think of this series differently.

Teasing Johny Blaze, a.k.a Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Marvel joked about Johny Blaze, by adding a character to She-Hulk episode 4, named Donny Blaze. He was a suspended student from Kamar Taj, who learned few skills of mystic arts. This character performs magic using the sling ring and sends people to different realms, just for fun.

Wong sued Donny Blaze for misusing the power of mystic arts, which can endanger the lives of all people in this world. And that is what happened when court didn’t accept Jennifer’s plea on stopping Donny from using his magic again till the time court gives its judgement.

Donny accidentally opens the gate to Hell. Is something clicking your head now? First, they tease Johny Blaze with the character with Donny Blaze. And now, they showed us the hell world. It is all evident that Ghost Rider is about to make an entry to MCU soon.

We all know that Daredevil will be seen probably at the end of this series where two superhero lawyers will get in touch. They probably might be on a case where they have to fight in court, as opposite to one another. We will talk about it in some different post.

For now, let’s cherish the fact that She-Hulk is not just teasing Daredevil in this show, but also Ghost Rider. Let’s look forward on how Marvel will bring him into the scene.

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