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She-Hulk Episode 5: Daredevil Is Ready To Pick Up His Pace In The Show

By Sumit Sahu
September 16,2022

Daredevil was teased since we have seen the trailer and episode teasers of She-Hulk. We finally get to see the helmet of our favourite Matt Murdock, a.k.a Daredevil. Luke, the underground ally to superheroes was handing over the new suits and dresses for She-Hulk.

Luke Jacobson

Luke Jacobson

Jennifer clearly mentioned that she is a lawyer and doesn’t need any fighting suits. She is not at all ready to be in the action zone, as she is not willing to accept the fact that she is not the same Jennifer Walters anymore.

People still neglect Jennifer and love She-Hulk. Jennifer is still a no-one to most of the people, but she is something to every one when she turns into the green & friendly Hulk. So, she asks Luke for some business worthy suits.

The Package Is Ready To Ship!

Daredevil's Helmet

Daredevil’s Helmet

We did hear Luke saying that he has designed a special suit for her, to which she replies, “There might not be any occasion for…”. Luke replies, “Just say Thank You Jen..Just say Thank You.” 

And this is the exact time when we got to see Daredevil’s helmet in the series. The box said that the package is ready for pick up. Hence, this means that probably we might get to see Matt Murdock a.k.a Daredevil in the next episode. Probably they might interact, depending on some legal case, as the show is running all around it. And later, they might confront each other on different terms.

Daredevil’s Presence Is Picking Up The Pace



It took five episodes for She-Hulk to finally touch the presence of Matt Murdock in the series. We all wondered, if he is in the show, then when are writers going to bring him in? Now is the time!

Marvel is indicating us fans that She-Hulk is not drowning anywhere, but is leading us to something bigger. These references are what is holding us together to keep watching this series.

We got a Ghost Rider reference in the fourth episode, whereas a Daredevil reference in the fifth instalment. Now, we finally want to see some action from She-Hulk, and not just any dumb talking anymore.

Let’s see what the remaining episodes of She-Hulk has to offer us, with Daredevil’s introduction.

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