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She-Hulk Episode 5- References To Deadpool, Hydro-Man and Human Torch

By Sumit Sahu
September 16,2022

She-Hulk episode 5 is out and yet again we saw a full episode of fighting lawsuit with Titania. But, we did get something to cherish in this episode and that is by Luke- The Super Hero Costume Designer.

Jennifer’s colleague and friend Nikki took her to Luke, who is reputed in designing superhero costumes. When Jennifer first reached out to Luke, he asked her about what king of superhero stuff she does.

In his quest of confirming the facts about She-Hulk, he asks does she need a combat suit, fire resistant suit or water resistant suit. Well, these options did ring some bells for us fans.

Deadpool, Hydro-Man and Human Torch

Deadpool and Hydroman

Deadpool and Hydroman

Combat suits directly hints us towards Deadpool and Daredevil. Following that, water resistant suit is for a Marvel hero who is yet not introduced in any movie or series, who goes by the name, Hydro-Man. And finally, the fire resistant suit directly hints us towards the Human Torch from Fantastic 4.

Now, these references might not seem too accurate. But think of why he Luke had those ideas in his mind at the first place. He must have possibly met those heroes and have made suits for them to maintain their superhero identity.

We know that we are all going to see Daredevil in later episodes of this series. It is because we are pretty much cherishing his scenes in the trailer for so long now.

Even though She-Hulk is not at all getting our attention in line for five episodes now, these references are something that is convincing us to keep going with the further instalments of this series.

How Will Human Torch and Hydro-Man Come To The Scene?

Human Torch and Hydro-Man

Human Torch and Hydro-Man

We are pretty much clear about the image of how Luke is an underground ally for superheroes and must have helped crime fighters like Deadpool and Daredevil. But, it will be keen to learn about how he will be linked to Fantastic 4 and the Hydro Man movies or series ahead.

If Fantastic 4 of MCU is going to be placed on an entire different universe then this reference might not fit correctly in the context. But, it is possible that the Reed Richards of MCU’s main timeline is still not in limelight for the current phase. We would love to see how Marvel would turn around this story line.

For Hydro-Man, there are no other references in any of the movies or series so far. There is no other Marvel character with water powers more famous than Hydro-Man. So, lets have our fingers crossed on this!


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