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She-Hulk Episode 5 Review: A One With No Cameos

By Chandraboli Majumdar
September 15,2022

The newest episode of She-Hulk is out now. Episode 5 saw She-Hulk battle Titania and her frivolous lawsuit in court. The episode made a callback to a previous episode where she went on Matcher and had a few disastrous online dates. With this episode, the show definitely feels more like a sitcom and is proceeding at a very slow pace. So let’s see the good and the bad of the recent episode.

Finally no cameos

This episode of She-Hulk had no cameos whatsoever. While we loved seeing Wongers and Smart Hulk on the screen, it was definitely slowing down the progression of Jen’s story. Instead, episode 5 focuses on She-Hulk and her main antagonist Titania. It gives Jen the opportunity to make her presence felt and carry the show on her broad green shoulders.

Titania does not feel like a threat at all

Jameela Jamil as Titania in She-Hulk episode 5

Jameela Jamil as Titania in She-Hulk episode 5

Titania is a viscous, brash and persistent villain in the She-Hulk comics. In fact, she is Jen’s arch nemesis. It is also pretty evident from Titania’s last appearance when she broke through the courtroom walls, that she is unstable and extremely strong. Despite her appearing in episode 5, there is not much character development at all. It focuses on her life as an influencer but nothing else. Titania is a formidable villain and we are waiting to see her in the same light in the show.

Maintains the sense of humor

Avongers merch

Avongers merch

With this episode also giving Nikki, Jen’s bestfriend, quite a bit of screen time it definitely banks on the shows sense of humor that fans have loved till now. Nikki a character who is loved by fans gets to show off her kooky and edgy personality. There’s also the hilarious and cursed Avongers merch and the drip broker. That entire segment was a really funny one.

No post credits scene was a bummer

The post credits scenes after every She-Hulk episode have definitely been a highlight that fans have looked forward to. Episode 5 breaks the trend by not including one at all. This was definitely an unnecessary and disappointing move. The scenes provided some hilarious comedy and were something unique to She-Hulk where every episode had one. The post credit scene could have been a fun one and explored either She-Hulk and Nikki having fun or even Jen trying on one of Titania’s products.

The cringe online dates return

Jen's online dates return

Jen’s online dates return

Once again we have to sit through the terrible online dates that She-Hulk went on. Except this time its in court as a defense strategy. It is awkward and pretty embarrassing on her part. Most importantly it felt repetitive and was a pretty boring segment. However, the fun part was when Jen’s lawyer read out her profile. Some hilarious one liners and cute puns reminds viewers exactly why they love She-Hulk and Tatiana Maslany in the role. In the Matcher profile, her About Me read “Mean, green and straight poured into these jeans.” The even funnier one was Jens’s answer to “What are you looking for in a partner” where she wrote “A sturdy back and reinforced king sized bed.”

Mallory Book joins the show

Mallory Book is Jen's lawyer in She-Hulk

Mallory Book is Jen’s lawyer in She-Hulk

Jen’s lawyer, Mallory Book was definitely another highlight of the episode. She adds to the wonderfully variable female characters that have been introduced so far. Mallory played by Renée Elise Goldsberry is a strong and badass lawyer who does not refrain from telling of She-Hulk either. She is brilliant at court and outside and I personally loved her addition to the already amazing cast.

Copyright questions answered

Titania in court fighting frivolous lawsuit

Titania in court fighting frivolous lawsuit

With the court scenes, the questions we raised regarding copyrighting laws in the MCU have also been cleared up. Public usage of a superhero name by the superhero themselves is enough and they do not need to acquire trademarks. That is certainly a relief for the other supers out there.

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