She-Hulk Faces A Backlash From Fans Over Messy CGI Awkwardness

Hulk has been marginalised in the MCU for a long time, with the green Avenger not starring in a solo film since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, in which he was played by Edward Norton. For eight live-action performances, Marc Ruffalo has played Bruce Banner, but he has yet to reprise the role. With She-Hulk, it all changes to some extent this year.

Tatiana Maslany will play Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin who undergoes her own gamma-green metamorphosis after receiving a blood transfusion, in the nine-episode Disney+ courtroom comedy. Over the years, Marvel Studios has released a slew of CGI characters, but this will be the first time a motion-capture figure takes the lead on Disney+.

Due to a dispute over the quality of the CGI contained in the film, Marvel Studios’ debut trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been received with social media outrage. Supes, a popular social media personality, praised the majority of the series’ components, but stated that “the CGI doesn’t look great:

“She-Hulk Attorney At Law’ appears to be a great deal of fun! Tatiana Maslany has the appropriate look for the part. Abomination. Hulk, Professor. Even though the CGI isn’t perfect, I think this programme is going to be a blast!

Andrews Visual, the inventor of TikTok, compared the effects to “a video game cutscene inserted into live action:

“Marvel is a multibillion-dollar franchise, and I don’t care if She-Hulk is a TV show; it needs to look better than that; it looked like a live-action video game sequence. Many Netflix/Amazon shows have far superior CGI and visual effects. I don’t think there’s any justification. I’m hoping it improves.”

With a parallel to the Star Wars Disney+ series, writer Christopher Marc commented on the “unfinished and rubbery” CGI, shutting down any budgetary excuses:

“She-Hulk as a show appears to be a lot of fun, but the CGI looks unpolished and rubbery. I realise it’s television, but the STAR WARS franchise handles, and they have the resources to modify.”

Hulk’s visual effects appear to be significantly more thorough than She- Hulk’s, according to Twitter user @cgichipmunk:

“Why does Hulk’s CGI seem great in this teaser, while She-looks Hulk’s terrible? I’m well aware that trailers frequently contain unfinished VFX, but god… all of her shots seem terrible.”

There’s no doubting that some of She-Hulk’s CGI in the first teaser isn’t quite up to par. In most situations, Marc Ruffalo’s Smart Hulk appears to be well-polished, whereas Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk appears to be unfinished in the bulk of her scenes.

Marvel Studios, like the rest of the movie industry, has had a lot of trouble lately owing to VFX delays. Because just a few VFX production facilities are trusted by major Hollywood studios, COVID-19 has caused a significant backlog of shots to be produced, causing delays for several blockbusters.

Disney debuted the video at its 2022 Upfront presentation, which featured the company’s upcoming television projects. She-Hulk was the obvious choice for Disney to premiere something fresh from the MCU, which is undoubtedly its biggest brand, maybe forcing a trailer release earlier than intended.

The show is set to premiere on August 17th.