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She-Hulk: How Does the MCU Hero Differ From Her Comic-Self?

By Umer Javed
August 21,2022

She-Hulk is finally here and it is all that we expected and more. From the very first episode, it has been established that she is not here to play. From being amongst the strongest superhero to a badass lawyer, she can do it all. The first episode has done a good job of introducing us to the MCU version of the Gamma Gal, but is she comic-accurate? Let’s find out.




If you have had a chance to catch up on her comic-book history, you’d have noticed that her origin story isn’t the same in MCU. In comics too, Jennifer becomes She-Hulk by coming in contact with her cousin, Bruce’s blood, but how that happens in the MCU and the comics is different.

In the series, we saw that a Sakaarian ship ambushed Bruce and Jen, resulting into a car accident. As Jennifer tries to help Bruce out of the car, he bleeds into her wounds, turning her into the Hulk instantly. However, that’s not the case in comics. In this version, she becomes She-Hulk after she is attacked by some criminals she prosecuted and is critically wounded. Luckily, Bruce was in the town, and gave her a blood transfusion. In doing so, he saved her life but also changed her into a Hulk.

Powers and Abilities:

She-Hulk alter ego

Disney+ She-Hulk

The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law gives us a good idea about what Jennifer can do when she’s angry and green. One thing that gives her edge over Hulk is that she was almost instantly able to gain her consciousness after turning into She-Hulk. She didn’t have to battle an alter-ego like Bruce did for years. Other than that, like the Hulk, Jen has an impenetrable skin, superhuman strength and stamina, and while she can’t fly, she can jump really high over large distances.

One of the highlights of the episode was when we saw the two hulks fights. It quickly became clear that the Greenie is as capable as Bruce. We saw her go toe-to-toe with Smart Hulk and use some classic Hulk moves such as the Hulk Smash and the Hulk clap. She was also able to control when she turns into Hulk in almost no time. So, it’s safe to say that even though her origin story was changed, her powers and abilities are mostly comic-accurate.

More than One She-Hulk?

Is Jennifer Walters the only She-Hulk? While that might be true in the MCU (atleast for now), in comics, the Hulk family could get a bit complex. Apart from Jennifer, Bruce’s on and off love interest Betty Ross becomes the Red She-Hulk. Besides her, we also had a Savage She-Hulk, who is basically the Hulk’s daughter from the future.

Even though it’s unlikely that we would see any of those characters in the MCU anytime soon, but with rumors of multiple Hulk family members showing up in the series, one can hope.

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