She-Hulk: Is Modern Marvel Changing The Original Comic Plot?

She-Hulk will be the next installment in the list of MCU series. And fans have already shown their love for the trailer but their disappointment with the VFX job. 

It is not a secret to fans that many proficient VFX artists have left Marvel for unavoidable reasons. 

And the quality degradation is seen in the trailers. Well, there is still time for the release of this series, and there is an expectation from Marvel to make some improvements to the actual show. 

Is She-Hulk Representing The Actual Comic Plot?

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Die-hard Marvel fans are well aware of the comic plot of She-Hulk. As per the comics Earth-616, Bruce Banner, cousin of Jennifer Walters, had to transfuse his blood into her veins to save her from a life-death situation

As a result, the gamma radiation in Bruce’s blood transforms Jennifer into She-Hulk. And then, the entire journey of training and mentoring follows. 

But as per Marvel’s new She-Hulk series, where Tatiana Maslany, playing Jennifer Walters, a.k.a She-Hulk, and Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner meet with an accident. 

There is news that Marvel is alternating the plot, and probably we will see Jeniffer transfusing blood for Bruce to save his life. 

How Does This Plot Makes Sense?


We all saw Bruce in the post-credit scenes of Shang-Chi- The Legend of Ten Rings. He was in his human form. So, an incident might have forced Bruce to return to his human form, which caused a car accident. 

To save his life, Jennifer had to transfuse her blood into his veins, and in the process, her blood got exposed to gamma radiation. And Jeniffer became She-Hulk. 

In an alternate belief, we can also conclude that Bruce Banner returned to his human form just to fulfill the accurate comic plot of saving his sister’s life. 

There was a hint that Marvel plans to alternate the storyline from that of comics. And if that’s true, writers must make it believable with great flow and impact. 

All of your questions will have answers in less than 15 days. She-Hulk releases on 18th August 2022.