She-Hulk: New Evidence Suggests That Disney+ Has Plans For Season 2

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige indicated at the start of the year that some Disney+ series “are being built with multiple seasons in mind.” Loki was the first live-action show to get a second season, which was revealed in the season finale.

As well as this, What If..? will also receive a second season, and maybe more after it. However, future seasons have not yet been confirmed for any other live-action series. Nonetheless, a large number of producers and actors are more than happy to come back with ideas and excitement provided their series last longer. Proof of a live-action show for another season has been presented to the production staff by giving presents.

Tees and Shoes indicate the possibility of Season 2

One of the writers for She-Hulk, Cody Ziglar, posted a bunch of merchandise on Instagram given to the cast and crew, including t-shirts and even custom shoes.

Ziglar may have also inadvertently confirmed the existence of plans for a second season as one piece of packaging for the merchandise reads, “Thank you for a great season! xo Jessica Gao” with the subtitle of “Season One” under the She-Hulk logo, implying that there will be a second.
It would make perfect sense for She-Hulk to be a continuous series for Marvel Studios because endurance is included in the idea of judicial procedure. In addition, fans would be delighted to know that the series has a wonderful chance for Easter eggs and Cameos. Being called a “legal comedy” lends a lighter aspect to the show line-up.

As the show progresses on, it should be inexpensive to produce, especially if Ms. Walters intends to stay consistent as She-Hulk. Furthermore, it’s also exhilarating to think about the films and other series with which the character will eventually be legally embroiled.

When She-Hulk debuts on Disney+ in 2022, the fans should anticipate seeing Jennifer Walter in the courtroom.

What do fans have to say about the upcoming series?

Back in December 2020, a fan shared their thoughts on the upcoming She-Hulk. Their comment came from after watching Black Orphan. This is what they said;

Not too long ago, a fan tweeted their excitement. This came from after knowing the number of episodes the forthcoming Disney+ show would entail. Here’s what they said;

Season 1 has not been released yet. Because of this reason, a third fan finds it rather funny that “they’re”  getting ahead with season 2.


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