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She-Hulk Series Is So Far Mocking Male Superheroes

By Sumit Sahu
August 29,2022

She-Hulk episode 1 and 2 has many references where Jennifer Walters is criticising men and male superheroes. Women empowerment is a great deal and every self-respecting individual should support that. But there should not be a hatred towards any gender, irrespective of whatever circumstances one has been through.

Instances In She-Hulk Episode 1

Hulk and She-Hulk

Hulk and She-Hulk

When Jennifer Walters was in the test chamber and Bruce said, fear and anger are the triggers that will change her into Hulk. Jennifer replies in a tone that these two things are common for every girl or woman out there, which is wrong!

No, most women are empowered and can take care of themselves. Why to show women as vulnerable in a show, which is all about a lady superhero? It was a bad move by Marvel and scriptwriters. It is true that Marvel is trying to say how most women feel about men in real world. But they are using a critically unapproved way of doing that.

In another scene, when Jennifer returned to human form after her first transformation into She-Hulk, she went into a bar for cleaning herself. A bunch of ladies come in and without any discussion, one of them judged and said, “Whoever did this, he doesn’t deserve you.” 

Well, it was a direct indication towards another big controversial cause of violence towards women. It would have been best if Marvel would have visualised a solution rather than just mocking these sensitive scenarios.

Later in the first episode, while Bruce and Jennifer were training, they both landed somewhere with a Hulk’s jump. You can remember Jennifer mocking male superheroes with one of the taunting moves by saying, “Men…Men…Men…” 

Mocking male superheroes who saved the world, not once but many times, is a wrong move again. Grudge towards select men for past traumas can be a good way to showcase the character’s mindset. But, directing them to a completely gender-biased argument is reflecting the wrong side of this character for a specific audience.

Instances In She-Hulk Episode 2

She Hulk Commenting on Avengers

She Hulk Commenting on Avengers

In the second episode of She-hulk, when Jennifer went to the bar for attending her fans and their cheers for her, she was told by her friend that she can be an Avenger. Jennifer replied to that by saying, “It is just for billionaires and orphans.” 

Along with that she also asked whether Avengers even get paid for their service. Jennifer again tried to humiliate some of the male superheroes. Billionaire was our Tony Stark (Iron Man), whereas Clint Barton (Hawkeye) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) were orphans.

Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) are also orphans. So, irrespective of gender, it is a collective disrespect for people who didn’t care about their lives to save the entire universe. Tony Stark even sacrificed his life to save the entire universe, and the least he deserves is such disrespect.

I guess Marvel must distinguish between supporting a cause and violating all of the other ethics in pursuit of that. It is good to blend in all concerned factors before making any statement in a series that is being watched by global fans.

Women should be respected at all times, irrespective of any conditions. But, no gender should be criticised, for the mistakes of few individuals. There are comments and reviews of fans who are upset by such references in She-Hulk episodes.

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