She-Hulk vs The Hulk? Evidence Teases Possible Battle Between The Two

What If…?, the first animated project from Marvel Studios, is now playing for fans. The show’s legacy has been mixed, but because of it, memorable characters like Captain Carter and Doctor Strange Supreme are now part of the culture. Next up is Hawkeye, which promises a unique Christmas adventure with Clint Barton and newcomer Kate Bishop as they take on old foes from Hawkeye’s history. Just from the trailer, it seems like it’s going to be an exhilarating trip.

However, what happens after that? It’s unclear what will happen next, but one possibility is She-Hulk, a series that would bring Tatiana Malaney’s Jennifer Walters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To say the show is unique would be an understatement. It will be a half-hour legal comedy, of all things. She-Hulk means there will be Hulk since Mark Ruffalo’s former Avenger was spotted on-site during filming. He seemed to be standing close to a stunt actor for a mysterious figure in the images. Actress Jameela Jamil has revealed that the mysterious person is none other than Titania, a foe of She-Hulk.

What Would A Hulk Vs Titania Look Like?

Hulk Vs She-Hulk

Actor Jameela Jamil shared a photo of herself wearing a wig and make-up on her Twitter feed with the caption “Ok Boomer”. Take a look at her look below.

In She-Hulk, Jamil plays Titania, a villain. Charles Villanueva of Murphy’s Multiverse has assumed who the stuntwoman for She-Hulk is. The assumption comes from a discovered picture of a stuntwoman wearing an identical orange wig. The same person is snapped alongside Mark Ruffalo. The results definitely indicate that Hulk and Titania will appear on screen together at some time, perhaps during an action scene.

Hulk’s Relevance In She-Hulk

She-Hulk and Hulk

Not too long ago, speculation around Bruce Banner’s role in She-Hulk began making the rounds. All of this started with a social media post about the merch that was distributed to its crew members. The merch represented a Bruce Banner, presumably a smart Hulk, working behind a bar. Now, how relevant this could be to Banner’s actual role is a mystery. Nonetheless, have a look at the post below:

Following this, rumors about a possible season 2 are also being made. But again, not much is known about She-Hulk or how the characters’ roles would span out. It would only make sense if we, fans and spectators, continued to pursue our hunt to know more about the upcoming season first. The rest will eventually follow.

Titania Vs Hulk?

We know little about Titania other than that she is the show’s villain that joins the ranks of Tim Roth’s Abomination to cause mischief in the lives of Jennifer Walters and others. But why would Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo, be there? In light of her role, it would seem he was there to aid in her defeat. After all, Titania does possess superhuman strength in the comic books, and it is her stunt double who is featured with Ruffalo.

Another possibility is that Titania isn’t the “bad guy” after all, and their meeting won’t turn out badly. Perhaps Jamil’s character begins as a close friend of Jennifer Walters before she begins to play a more sinister role. Because there is so little information available to the public regarding She-Hulk, fans will just have to wait until the show premieres on Disney+ in 2022 before learning anything for certain.