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She-Hulk: Who Are Wreaking Crew? Why Do They Want Jen’s Blood

By Rishabh Shandilya
September 1,2022

She-Hulk has been praised for reuniting fans with old favorites, but the miniseries has also added new superheroes and baddies to the MCU. Among them is Jameela Jamil’s antagonist Titania as well as Tatiana Maslany’s protagonist Jennifer Walters aks She-Hulk, however, the show is also giving life to several lesser-known characters from comic books. In the third episode of She-Hulk, the Wrecking Crew is introduced, and Jennifer quickly dispatches of them.

The Wreaking Crew in She Hulk Episode 3

The Wrecking Crew in She-Hulk Episode 3

Four guys, each with a different colorful armament, assault Jen in the last moments of the most recent episode. They use a set of gauntlets, a headgear, a crowbar, as well as a ball and chain. After Jen becomes She-Hulk, the foursome is finally defeated and driven away, however not until we discover that one of them is named “Thunderball,” revealing that they are the Wrecking Crew, comprised of Bulldozer, Thunderball, Wrecker, and Piledriver.

Who Are These Guys?

Dirk Garthwaite (Wrecker), Henry Camp (Bulldozer I), Brian Phillip Calusky (Piledriver), and Dr. Eliot Franklin (Thunderball) make up the infamous Wrecking Crew. They formed the Wrecking Crew out of an agreement between themselves while in jail. Garthwaite is the team’s originator and commander. He is renowned by his moniker, the Wrecker, for wreaking havoc at the scene of a crime by breaking evidence with a crowbar.

In the comics, while on a bloody rampage, he runs upon Loki, who has had his abilities momentarily stripped by Odin. The god of mischief wants them back and is pursuing the Norn Queen, Karnilla, to return them to him. While Karnilla intended to bestow her mystical abilities onto Loki, she inadvertently endowed the Wrecker with them after he stole Loki’s spiked helmet. Due to this, Wrecker is endowed with incredible muscle power and a crowbar that can’t be broken by any means.

But the Asgardians are strong enough to put him away for good. There, he can get back his enchanted crowbar. He calls for Camp, Calusky, and Dr. Franklin to carry weapons during a thunderstorm. When Wrecker’s crowbar is struck by lightning, its enchantment spreads to the other weapons in the room. Camp transforms into Bulldozer I, whose unique weapon is a helmet he may use to bash his foes with.

The wreaking crew in marvel comics

The wrecking crew in marvel comics

Calusky transforms into Piledriver and gets powerful knuckles. In the meantime, Dr. Franklin transforms into Thunderball, complete with a chained destruction ball. Using their unexpected abilities, the band escapes from jail and goes in search of a gamma weapon that Thunderball developed. Despite their rapid loss, the villainous group continues to act in concert.

What Are They Doing in She-Hulk? Why They Want Jen’s Blood?

She-Hulk gives the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Wrecking Crew, empowered with Asgardian building weapons. Each character still has abilities associated with various building and destruction implements, thus the revamp stays true to the comics in that respect.

Though they aren’t referred to by name, it’s evident that Marvel intended for this group to be SheHulk’s -Wrecking Crew thanks to the “W” emblems on their jerseys, the weaponry, and the fact that one of them is called Thunderball. Therefore, Piledriver, Wrecker, and Bulldozer are undoubtedly the other three males that try to battle She-Hulk and, ostensibly, take part of her DNA.

She Hulk


Although She-Hulk’s quick victory against the Wrecking Crew is not shocking, episode 3 of the series did hint at a cliffhanger involving the group. The one calling the shots is not going to be pleased to hear that his minions were unable to get any of She-Hulk’s DNA.

The third episode of She-Hulk fails to shed any light on the identity of the enemy or their possible motivations for wanting Jennifer Walters’ DNA, while the clear goal is the creation of additional Hulks. That opens up a lot of possibilities regarding who the head of She-Wrecking Hulk’s Crew is. It could be the Leader, Kingpin, Valentina, or I don’t know! Do you have any guesses?



However, the person who hired Wrecking Crew maybe someone new to the miniseries or the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general who fans haven’t yet encountered. This might be any of several minor Marvel characters who have been teased for upcoming episodes. Even though it’s become a terrible habit for Marvel’s Disney+ series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law may drag out the unveiling of the Wrecking Crew’s commander for weeks to come.

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