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Sibling Fight Between Jennifer and Bruce: The Hulk Way

By Sumit Sahu
August 21,2022

One of the best scenes in the first episode of She-Hulk has been the fight between Jennifer and Bruce. We all have heard tales of fight between siblings since ages, but Marvel just showed us the Hulk way of fighting between brother and sister.

Jennifer Turned Green To Set Aside Her Brother

She-Hulk Screaming At Hulk

She-Hulk Screaming At Hulk

Bruce was asking Jennifer to stay with him until he is convinced that she can control her transformation. He held onto the vehicle and asked Jennifer to listen to him at once. Jennifer turned green and smashed our Hulk to the rocks.

Bruce has control over his Hulk anger, but still fights back to show his years of experience being a Hulk. It seemed like Jennifer’s hulk is overpowering Bruce’s Hulk in the scene. It is mostly because Bruce was holding back his punches on her.

While Jennifer was attacking, Bruce was mostly fighting in a defensive manner. The fight continued and Bruce got beaten up a bit by his sister. So, to let her know what he is capable of, Hulk threw a Thunderclap at her.

In comics, it is said that a full powered thunderclap of Hulk can even shake the multiverse. The biggest or hurricanes will blend into thin air with a strong thunderclap by Hulk. He just gave a small taste of it to Jennifer for letting her know the potential of being a Hulk.

Jennifer got curios and she wanted to fight back with the same technique. So, she started making small and continuous claps to create a low intensity shockwave that was disturbing for Hulk.

Finally, the fight ended when they both crashed on the top of Bruce’s beach bar. And Bruce expressed his frustration about it and asked Jennifer to fix it with him.

The Sweet Sibling Episode Ended With a Mutual Decision

She-Hulk alter ego

Disney+ She-Hulk

Bruce agreed to let Jennifer follow her path and decision. He asked Jennifer to come back to him anytime she needs help of any kind. They parted on good terms, and then the scene cuts backs to Jennifer, who was narrating this story of how she became Hulk.

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