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Silver Surfer Special Reportedly In Development At Marvel

Rumours abound about Marvel Studios developing a Special for the Silver Surfer. And we have all the details about it

By Ishita Chatterjee
December 1,2022

The Silver Surfer as a character is almost synonymous with the Fantastic Four. As such, when it was announced that Marvel’s first family was coming to the MCU, fans thought that the Silver Surfer wasn’t far behind as well. And if a rumour is to believed, then they are right. Apparently, a Marvel Studios Special Presentation is happening for the Silver Surfer.

MCU Special For Silver Surfer In Development

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

As per the latest rumours, Marvel Studios has ordered a special for Galactus’ herald. Word on the street is that the special will be about an hour long, like it was for Werewolf by Night, the first Marvel special. The story is supposedly going to explore Silver Surfer’s origins as well as some of the other heralds of Galactus. Apart from this, the special is rumoured to set the stage for Galactus and explain his motivations.

As for the other heralds, this might include the Nova Corps member, Gabriel Lan, who became the Air-Walker. The other herald we might see is the Firelord Pyreus Kril, a crewmember of Lan, who spent years looking for him. He only agreed to be Galactus’ herald because he wanted to know what happened to Gabriel.

The special might also include Terrax the Tamer who was a tyrant belonging to the planet Birj. He was considered by Galactus to be a successor of the Silver Surfer because unlike the Surfer, he was immoral, ruthless and cruel.

Who Is The Silver Surfer? 

The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four

In the pages of Marvel comics, his real name is Norrin Radd and he originally belonged from the planet, Zenn-La. His homeworld was home to a technologically advanced and long-lived humanoid race. They had successfully created a utopia that was free of disease, crime, poverty, illness, and other problems.

But Norrin was raised to seek achievement and advancement rather than the hedonism that was dominating the Zenn-La society. So he longed for struggle and challenge. As such, he immersed himself in the myths and histories of Zenn-La’s past. Norrin’s wish for adventure and struggle came true when he became Galactus’ herald, after convincing the planet eater to spare his homeworld.



He served his lord for multiple years as he explored the universe. But he found it difficult to find powerful energy-rich planets without sentient life. But Galactus’ interference with his emotions and memories made him more susceptible to looking for inhabited worlds, and that’s how he found earth. He was successful even though Uatu The Watcher tried to lead him away. And when he reached earth, he clashed with the Fantastic Four.

It’s possible that the special will end by giving us a sneak peak or hint at the Fantastic Four. There’s rumours that the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four movie will take place in the 60s, so this special could be set in that time period too.

A Silver Surfer special will push forward the Fantastic Four story faster and help flesh out other relevant characters better too. So what do you think of this special supposedly in development at Marvel Studios?

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