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Simu Liu Virtually Attacked For Making Problematic Reddit Comments

By Soniya Hinduja
September 21,2021

Shang-Chi actor Simu Liu took to social media yesterday on accounts of a past Reddit account. Apparently, a Twitter thread revealed some old posts that are said to have been made from the actor’s archived Reddit account. User NebsGoodTakes on Twitter shared with their followers posts made by Liu on a ‘racist incel subreddit.’ 

NebsGoodTakes explains in his Twitter thread that despite the fact that the comments on the post date way back, people were persistent in finding proof of the actor’s involvement, and that’s what led them to share the information. 

“I realize that these are old comments, however people were asking for literally any kind of proof that he was involved with the subreddit at some point.”

While we have not seen Liu write back to the Twitter thread in question, we found the actor talking about it in a thread that goes far and beyond to a few Tweets from 2019, that recently showed up again on his account. In the response, he recognizes his past self as someone he’s grown out of and says that back then he had given into hate and anger. 

In the same Tweet, Simu Liu says that he does not advocate for anything other than positivity, ever. He particularly makes a remark about positive cultural pride and positive iterations of Asian masculinity and femininity, and that nobody should be putting anybody down. In unification, he adds that he would rather direct his frustration to a system that did this to “ALL of us.”

He adds to the point by saying that if one went digging back into the past, one is sure to find an even more immature part of himself. One that back then, still gave in to hate and anger. He says that this is what it means to be human, and that growth is a part of evolution. Also that he wants people to grow the right way. 

In a Tweet yesterday, Simu Liu responded to a fan calling the platform to often be a slanderous place. 

In other such instances too, fans have always come forward to stand with celebrities who have to face the consequences for making inappropriate comments in the past. Fans show their support by saying that there are versions of ourselves we are not always proud of, or see eye to eye with. What is important is to focus on how far we have come and the positive changes we’ve made. After all, it’s all in the process of growth, and it only makes us more human.

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We are well aware of how the “Cancel Culture” is always a hot topic in the entertainment industry. In lieu, Reese Witherspoon recently talked about the topic and how it affects certain television series. Many celebrities and people in the industry have spoken about the same earlier too. 

Whether Simu Liu will indulge in the accusations made about him on social media or not is yet to be known. However, fans are still uncertain about whether the actor even owes the media an explanation or not.