Sofia Vergara Serves The Perfect Looks In Plunging Swimsuit

Sofia Vergara, the actress who plays Gloria in the popular family sitcom ‘Modern Family’ is used to bewitching her fans by regularly sharing attractive snaps on her social media.

Sofia Vergara looks absolutely at ease with every post. Part of the reason is that she began her career as a model, posing for various brands in bikinis and swimsuits in Miami. Even after rising to fame in the American entertainment industry, Sofia continues to remind her fans of the modest start of her career in showbiz. 

Sofia Vergara is known massively for her ever-so-radiant skin, sexy curves, and that spark of confidence. Needless to say, it would be a shame if her 24 million Instagram followers were left deprived of all of the stars best qualities. Now, wouldn’t it? 

Sofia Rocks Those Curves, But Isn’t Keen On Working Out

Sofia Vergara in another throwback photo in a string black bikini

While the former star of Modern Family has won the hearts of millions of people across the globe, she still hates working out. But she’s aware of how important it is for one to take care of their health. So every now and then, Sofia devotes some time to stretching those arms and working the glutes. 

In order to keep it fresh and make things more interesting and less repetitive, Vergara change her overall exercising regime about every six months. This also allows the star to combat boredom. She incorporates everything including HIIT training to boxing and whatever else falls in between. With that said, the actress will never be seen participating in any of the popular Crossfit classes. Mainly because she doesn’t like to jump because of her bad knees. But her knees look absolutely flawless in this sheer black bikini, along with the rest of her spectacular figure.

The Vergara Diet Is The Perfect Amount Of Healthy With Room For Cravings

Sofia Vergara finds a perfect balance in her diet with adding room for dessert.

Sofia Vergara says that she likes to keep track of her diet. While all her foods are healthy, she isn’t too particular about cutting off the delicious calorie-surplus foods. Her slender swimsuit-ready frame is the generous gift of a healthy diet. She pairs it with a few sweets sneaking into the plate every once in a while. The way it works for Vergara is to have the right proportions of freshly cooked meat. She makes sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and the occasional ice cream or dessert. After all, it’s all about the way you control your portion size. And not about denying yourself of your favorite food.

Sofia’s Skincare Routine Is Absolutely Iconic

Sofia Vergara stuns, even with glasses on, and it is all because of her skincare regime

Vergara looks breathtaking in her beach-ready swimsuits (even with glasses!) as well as at the red carpet in a ball gown. Whatever appearances she makes, Sofia makes sure to carry out a particular skincare routine to keep her skin youthful and glowing. Sofia Vergara has admitted that she has used sunscreen since she was a child. And she never forgets to add it to her neck and chest.

Moving on to the current year, it is apparent that her skincare regime has produced phenomenal results. So one can never point out that she doesn’t take care of perfecting everything about herself from head to toe.