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Solo Darth Revan Project Reportedly In Development At Lucasfilm

Disney+ show The Mandalorian has poured life back into Star Wars after the sequel trilogy got mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. The Mandalorian has shown how to make successful Star Wars live-action content again. One reason it has been able to do this is by mining the Star wars back catalogue for inspiration. 

This back catalogue includes comic books, movies, video games, books, and other related Star Wars content. Now, there are a lot of characters and storylines in those Star Wars materials that are well-loved by fans. 

One of those characters is Revan of the Knights of the Old Republic. As such, fans do want to see him in live-action. Now, it looks like that might indeed happen. Also, since he has been referenced in The Mandalorian already, so him showing up might only be a matter of time. 

Darth Revan Got Mentioned In The Mandalorian

Darth Raven

We mention specifically him out of all the other numerous characters that populate Star Wars lore because the Mandalorian has already hinted towards his existence. Now, the nod towards him was really subtle in the show, but eagle-eyed viewers must have caught it. It happened when Ahsoka Tano showed the direction of the Jedi Temple on Tython to Grogu and Din Djarin. 


Fans of Star Wars lore will know that this temple was attacked before in other stories by the Order of Revan. But this wasn’t the only reference to Revan in the show. You must have noticed that the droids that Mando and Snips face are of the HK-87 model and it was Revan who created the HK-47 model.

Solo Revan Project Getting Developed

It has been speculated for a long time that Revan will be showing up either on a Disney Plus show or on the big screen. Now, one of our sources has confirmed that there is indeed a solo Revan project getting developed at Lucasfilm. 

We can see you raising your eyebrows skeptically, so let us just tell you that this is the same source that informed us about Ahsoka finally making her first live-action appearance in the pop culture sensation show The Mandalorian.

However, our source wasn’t able to confirm if the project is going to be a movie or a Disney+ show. But no matter what it turns out to be, it just shows that Disney and Lucasfilm both are interested in exploring the various characters of Star Wars lore buried deep in various timelines. 

Darth Raven

After all, the biggest proof of that is the upcoming Disney+ shows The Acolyte and Lando. Fans will know that both the shows are set in very different timelines.

Overall, it’s a good sign that Disney is looking to mine the various timelines of the franchise. After all, it will help showcase a lot of the characters and events which deserve more attention and development. 

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