Sommer Ray Flaunts Her Curves In A Tiny Pink Thong Bikini

Sommer Ray was all pink in her newest Instagram post, where she flaunted her beautiful body! She donned a pair of short trousers and a crop top that exposed plenty of skin in a couple of two photos. To view the images, scroll down.

Her Collection

The stunning model, 25, uploaded the photographs Tuesday night with her 26.7 million followers. She used the hashtags for her clothing line and artist Sophia Hodes to inform followers where she purchased the provocative ensemble.

Her ensemble featured a tie-dye, pink-and-white crop top that accentuated her voluptuous chest. Short sleeves and a scooped neckline characterised the clothing. The ribbed detail gave the shirt some visual appeal. What drew fans’ notice, though, was the garment’s excessive shortness and irregular hem. It concealed only what was necessary, revealing a touch of her underboob as she removed her bra.

 She paired the top with baby pink thong bikini bottoms. It featured a print down the front, but it was scarcely visible due to the print being blocked from view. The waistband dipped daringly low, revealing her toned tummy, while the sides were stretched high on her waist, emphasising the curves of her hips. The back was a conventional thong-style comprised of a fabric triangle.

‘Old Fashioned,’ she is

 Sommer wore curlers throughout her hair, which she regarded as “outdated” because most individuals create curls or waves using either a straightening iron or a curler.

The online sensation had her back to the camera in the first image, which made her perky booty the focal point of the frame. As seen from the background perspectives, she was standing next to the pool, surrounded by large potted plants.

Teasing Audiences

 In the second photograph, Sommer maintained a similar attitude as she glanced off-camera, her arms hanging by her sides. The following picture shows the model occupying most of the frame and posing by facing the camera while tugging on her shirt.

Sommer leaned closer to the lens in the final image, displaying a solemn yet seductive look.

The Pictures Have Fans Obsessed

Sommer’s fans expressed their admiration for the lewd images. Less than 24 hours after it was shared on her page, the new share garnered over a million likes. Additionally, her supporters went to the comments section throughout that time, leaving over 3,700 responses on the page.

Sommer is not shy about flaunting her curvy physique on social media. She is frequently observed getting sexual in tiny bathing suits, provocative lingerie, form-fitting athletic gear, and short dresses.

Sommer recently had her followers’ pulses racing when she donned a tight string bikini that showed her incredible figure while promoting new products from her brand, as previously reported by The Blast.