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Sommer Ray Flaunts Her Skin In A High-Cut One-Piece

By Alankar Nayak
November 22,2021

In a fresh Instagram post uploaded on Tuesday, the 25-year-old model demonstrated to admirers that her dedication to the gym has paid off.

Sommer posted a series of photos in which she wore a provocative one-piece swimsuit of her own company. The outfit left nothing to the imagination and surely enraged supporters. Could you take a look at them below?

Photoshoot Session With Sexy Models


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The latest glimpse of Sommer’s gorgeous body did not go unnoticed by her 26.8 million followers. The entrepreneur, who was in a studio at the time, struck different positions in the photos. She posed in a crouching stance, with the right side of the body facing the camera. Her photographer, Martin Murillo, who she identified in the opening slide, took the images.

However, what drew her viewers’ attention was the risqué one-piece swimsuit that radiated severe ’90s vibes, exposing plenty of skin and leaving very little to the imagination.

In This Color, You Look Amazing


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Sommer wore a light-coloured outfit that was a muted lilac tone. Its halter-style shape concealed her chest, but its sides revealed a glimpse of her sideboob — and that wasn’t even the most NSFW aspect of the outfit. The swimming suit’s dangerously high leg cuts, which reached above her hips, accentuated her killer curves while revealing her slim waist and flat tummy.

Sommer’s perky derrière and legs were also visible — but her fans didn’t appear bothered by the adequate quantity of skin revealed in the swimsuit.

Display Of Legs

Sommer completed her ensemble with a pair of coloured over-the-knee high boots with high heels. She is accessorised with huge gold hoop earrings, multiple rings, light-coloured sunglasses, and a stretchable bracelet wrapped around her right upper arm.

Sommer instagram

Her highlighted brunette locks were fashioned in chaotic waves that spilt over her left shoulder. Her locks also wonderfully framed her face, adorned with a stunning basic makeup look that included full brows, light eyeshadow, mascara, and highlighter, which highlighted her remarkable features. Sommer asked her followers in the caption, “How deep is your love?”

Outdoor Recreation


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Sommer’s followers are well aware that this is not the first time she has flaunted her fantastic physique on social media. Another recent Instagram image by the model showed her out late at night in a black cut-through dress, which accentuated her crazy curves and enraged her admirers. The post had over 1 million likes as of this writing.

Source: The Blast

Instagram: Sommer Ray

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