Sony And Amazon’s Deal To Bring In Spider-Man Spin Off Shows

Sony And Amazon Strike A New Deal To Make SONY’s Spider-Man Spin-Off Series Starting With Silk

By Amitabh Mukherji
November 18,2022
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Sony, a major studio in Hollywood, is giving Amazon the small-screen approach for its lineup of Marvel superheroes. In order to create a “suite of live-action TV series,” the studio, which holds the licences to more than 900 Marvel characters, struck an agreement with Amazon Studios on Thursday. The shows will air on MGM+ in the US and be available to stream worldwide on Amazon Prime Video.

The live-action project Silk: Spider Society, produced by The Walking Dead producer Angela Kang, is the first series to result from the agreement.

The projects being created as part of the agreement, according to Amazon, are based on the “Sony Pictures universe of Marvel characters,” referring to the movies Sony has produced starring characters connected to Spider-Man, though not the wall-crawler himself. These movies include the Tom Hardy-starring “Venom” trilogy, “Morbius” (it’s Morbin Time), as well as the upcoming “Kraven the Hunter” and “Madame Web.”

Silk: Spider Society


Cindy Moon, a Korean-American who was bitten by the very spider that granted Peter Parker his amazing abilities, would supposedly be the main subject of the series. As Cindy “escapes imprisonment and searches for her estranged family on her journey to becoming the superhero known as Silk,”

This information is Amazon’s first public acknowledgment that the streaming service is collaborating with Sony on a roster of Marvel original TV shows.

For Sony Pictures TV, Amazon, and MGM, Lord and Miller will likely be in charge of the wider franchise.

The show will first air domestically on MGM+ and then internationally on Amazon’s Prime Video service.

Which Sony Side Of Marvel Characters Will Get Their Own Series ?

Sony's Spider-Man Universe
Sony’s Spider-Man Universe

Spider-Man has a ton of side characters besides Silk that could be interesting to explore, especially when the Spider-Verse brought several Spider-Man variants from all around the Multiverse. Another Spider-Man from a different reality, like Spider-Man 2099 or Spider-Punk, might be the main subject of a Sony Pictures production.

Furthermore, now that it is certain to fall under the live-action category, additional characters, like Black Cat and Silver Sable, may finally have the chance to be developed on television after nearly making it to the big screen.

To avoid fan confusion and to create the shared universe concept, it is logical to believe that these projects will take place in the same universe as Tom Hardy’s Venom and Jared Leto’s Morbius.

Hopefully, additional information about Sony’s Marvel Universe’s expansion to small screens will soon become available.


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