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Sony And Marvel Studios Share An Official Spider-Man 4 Update

By Soniya Hinduja
December 19,2021

After 2018’s Spider-Man: Far From Home left fans torn at Tom Holland’s Peter Parker’s fate in the MCU, the world has been on the edge of their seats, waiting for this moment. Marvel fans have had to bear through teases and rumors for over two years. And after the most extensive promotional tours in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans across the world finally have the chance to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home. Considering there was an immense amount of anticipation built around the film. Not to forget the speculations surrounding the cast and leaks from the crew. The franchise’s threequel is undoubtedly the greatest movie to end the year with. 

Fortunately, though, this is not even close to the end of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s journey. After the release of No Way Home, Spider-Man fans are already getting ready to embrace more content from their favorite web-slinger. And it makes sense because the character’s story has just started, especially within the MCU. Following his six remarkable appearances in the MCU, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is officially sticking around for at least three more solo projects. The first one in the trilogy, Spider-Man 4, is currently developing. 

Spider-Man No Way Home fan poster

Spider-Man No Way Home fan poster

For now, fans worldwide are a little too preoccupied with the events of No Way Home playing out in their heads over and over again. After all, Marvel and Sony left no crumbs in delivering a spectacle. Although, questions regarding the Spider-Man standalone’s future have already started swarming in. Luckily, the executive heads of both Marvel and Sony have opened up about the topic. And we now have an official update.  

Current status of MCU Spider-Man’s sequel – Is it a plan in motion?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Sony executive Amy Pascal recently sat in for an exclusive interview with the New York Times. And in conversation, the two officials talked about what to expect from the MCU’s fourth solo Spider-Man movie.


Tom Holland’s unmasked Spider-Man in the MCU.

One of the essential questions to pay attention to first was the tenure of the working relationship between Sony and Disney. When asked about it, Pascal revealed that she believed the two studios would continue to work together on multiple projects, at least for the near future. 

“We’re producers, so we always believe everything will work out. I love working with Kevin. We have a great partnership, along with Tom Rothman, who runs Sony and has been instrumental, a great leader with great ideas. I hope it lasts forever.”

Following this confirmation, Kevin Feige also expressed his enthusiasm with brilliant news. He admitted that the producers are “actively beginning to develop where the story” for Spider-Man 4:

“Amy and I and Disney and Sony are talking about — yes, we’re actively beginning to develop where the story heads next, which I only say outright because I don’t want fans to go through any separation trauma like what happened after “Far From Home” [the previous Spider-Man movie, in 2019]. That will not be occurring this time.”

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Additionally, Pascal also disclosed that the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home will lay the basis for the future of the franchise. Mainly because the movie gives the two studios “a lot to work with” moving forward:

“At the end of the movie we just made, you see Spider-Man make a momentous decision, one that you’ve never seen him make before. It’s a sacrifice. And that gives us a lot to work with for the next film.”

Feige and Pascal are brainstorming their stories for Spider-Man 4 

Undoubtedly so, fans are still reeling from the grandness of Spider-Man: No Way Home. It is now that we truly understand the significance the threequel holds in the MCU. This is why it is also essential to make sure that there are no spoilers on the internet. Although, this is what the scenario is like for the audience. As for Feige and Pascal, the two have already started breaking their heads at coming up with stories. After all, Spidey’s story needs to move forward in the most thrilling ways possible. 

News about at least three more Spider-Man solo movies in the future is traveling at lightning speed. And we can only assume that at this point, Sony and Marvel’s work relationship is at its peak. To think that regardless of the duo falling out over the rights issue following the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, they are still devoted to planning Spider-Man 4 is a delight more so because the film is already furtively in the works. 

The MCU has created a two-year streak for releasing a new Spider-Man movie ever since its first premiere in 2017, which is why it is likely that Spider-Man 4 will arrive on screens sometime in 2023. Or perhaps even 2024. Whatever happens, though, fans are safe to expect a lot of Spidey action to be delivered within the MCU in the forthcoming times. 

For now, Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing in theaters worldwide. Grab a seat!

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