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Sony And Marvel’s Spider-Verse Could Involve Live-Action Miles Morales In The Future

By Ishita Chatterjee
November 22,2021

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a mega-hit with a global gross of about 450M dollars. So Sony is slowly carving out its little niche in the superhero genre.

So what more could they want? Way more, obviously. Between the multiverse-related action of Into The Spider-verse and the upcoming MCU movie Spider-Man: No Way Home movie, Sony might be slowly but surely laying the path for reintroducing as well as introducing more Spider-Men into their live-action corner.

For now, it’s easy to see that out of all the new Spider-Men iterations, and Miles Morales has quickly soared to pop-culture popularity. He has quickly become a staple in Marvel comics properties.

Miles Morales- The Newest Spider-Man Success

Miles Morales

Miles Morales

Comics readers will know that Miles Morales is pretty widely regarded as the only worthwhile addition to Marvel from the generally unliked “Ultimate universe.” He is a relatively new character in the Marvel universe. After all, he has been around for a little more than a decade. During that time, Miles has shown up in several animated tv series. However, most people know him from the Oscar-winning animated movie Into the Spider-Verse. It’s pretty safe to say that he has quickly solidified himself as a much-loved Marvel character into the public consciousness.

Also, the widely well-known and public contract renegotiation that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures went through after Spider-Man: Far From Home needs to be kept in mind. The news became public, and the word was that Marvel Studios was asking for quite an egregious amount of profit for a movie they had put zero money into. The public opinion put Marvel Studios in their crosshairs, thus giving Sony Pictures a lot of leverage. However, people weren’t giving Sony Carte Blanche.

Leaked Spider-Man No Way Home pic

Leaked Spider-Man No Way Home pic

They were holding them responsible for the mess as well. After all, they were benefiting from the established reputation of the MCU too. People were quick to remind them that their last Spider-Man outing wasn’t a full-fledged success. However, this is all old talk. Since then, Sony and Marvel Studios have resumed their partnership on future Spidey projects.

So as of now, people are mostly expecting to see Tom Holland continue his role of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man, whether it be in the MCU or the Sony Spiderverse/ Venom movies. Along with this, there was a new rumor that there might be various possible plans for Spider-Man projects. This has got Peter Parker fans more excited. After all, this means more Tom Holland for them.

But maybe Sony and Marvel might take this opportunity with one of the returning Spider-Men (Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire) to have another Spider-Man movie of their own? Or maybe they might introduce someone new? Like Miles Morales?

The Questions Raised By Morbius



Is that even a possibility? The straight answer right now is No. We don’t have any clue about MCU’s plans for Spider-Man in the future. But we will surely know more once No Way Home gets released. However, we need to say that the main culprit behind this confusion is the most recent Morbius trailer. Morbius trailers have till now referenced at least three kinds of Spidey universes- Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films, Venom, and Marc Webb’s Spider-Man movies.

This isn’t very clear to all because Morbius hasn’t given us any solid information. Instead, it has just referenced other universes to get fans excited about the movie. However, in the quest of that, they have also confused fans. So it doesn’t seem like it will indicate the plans of Sony for Spider-Man. However, it does raise some fascinating questions.

For one, why does Morbius seem to be a universe jumping vampire when that isn’t the case? Well, there’s one solution. What if he isn’t the one who is going to universes? Instead, what if these universes are coming to him like it seems to be doing in the next MCU Spidey movie? After all, in the latest Spider-Man No Way Home trailer, there was a scene where Doctor Strange said at the end: “they’re starting to come through… and I can’t stop ’em.”

Most fans took this to be a tease for more characters from the previous Spidey movies to appear. However, let us look at it from a different angle. The next MCU movie after No Way Home will be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (as far as we know it). But we haven’t seen till now how that madness will come to be. However, with the bright purple lights coming through the rough night sky at the end of the No Way Home trailer, we can see that the madness begins here.

Venom and Morbius

Venom and Morbius

So it’s time to consider when Morbius can take place. The movie is going to come out between No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness. As such, we might see the madness that the Doctor Strange sequel alludes to here within the Morbius movie. And maybe that is the reason why so many different universes have been referenced here. After all, it does make one think- why does the Daily Bugle seem like it is from the Raimiverse?

Also, why is the OsCorp tower from Marc Webb movies appearing here? Why are there the Venom references? And then we have the most significant reveal- MCU’s Adrian Toomes aka., The Vulture (Michael Keaton) also appears in the movie. We know that these belong to different Spidey movie universes. But they are somehow in the very same universe. And we have to ask the question of why. Also, how is it possible?

Maybe the movie will tell us the answer to all of that. However, it’s also possible that it’s simply madness. As for which of the Spider-Men Sony will use- that is a complete wait and watch thing. The most obvious choice for now is Tom Holland.

Tom Holland Isn’t The Only Spider-Man Option 

Miles Morales and Tom Holland

Miles Morales and Tom Holland

However, he isn’t the only option. There’s an entire multiverse of spiders to choose from. There’s Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Olivia Wilde’s long-gestating Spider-Woman movie, and the Silk series too. Not to mention that there’s Miles Morales, who is the character leading the award-winning animated film. So this means that Miles Morales could make a live-action debut for Sony in the future.

It’s possible that Miles Morales could carry the Spider-Man movies for Sony. He could do it with the help of the other spiders like Maguire or Garfield’s version while Holland remained MCU’s Spider-Man. It’s possible that something like this could happen. After all, Miles is a Marvel staple nowadays and is very popular. His impact and popularity have significantly increased after his appearance in Into The Spider-Verse.

Right now, a sequel to the movie is in development. However, that is just animated right now. Sony would be foolish not to do something with the character in live-action. And with the multiverse, just anything could happen. What do you think might happen?

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