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South Australian Labor MP Promises To Make Child Sex Offender Registry Open To The Public

By Abraham George
March 8,2022

The next time South Australia votes, an Australian Labor MP says he’ll bring in stronger child protection regulations for young children if he wins. if he wins the next election, opposition leader Peter Malinauskas says that he will make a lot of changes to the law to protect children. Child sex offenders would be put on a public record, and killers who hide the bodies of their victims could get 15 more years in prison. Under Labor’s plan, child sex offenders who didn’t follow their reporting orders would be publicly named.

Cops, on the other hand, would also be able to give parents information about people their child sees often. Public sex offender registers in Western Australia have been very successful, so the new register is based on that model. Labor also said they would put child sex offenders indefinitely in prison. Serious child sex offenders would not be released from prison until they could show that their behavior was no longer a threat to children. This is what the proposed law says. They would be tracked by GPS from an ankle bracelet when they were released from prison.

Reasons For Modus Operandi

Peter Malinauskas: Local South Australian MP

Peter Malinauskas: Local South Australian MP

There was a loophole that let childlike sex dolls be brought into the country; and for the owners to get sentence discounts and bail when they were arrested. The new laws would also close that loophole. A 15-year sentence could be added to a murder or manslaughter sentence if a killer hides the body of the person they killed or injured. The Australian Labor MP said that the extra time in jail was important; to the families of people who had lost more than one person because it gave them a reason to show where bodies were. It is based on the case of Geoffrey Adams, who kept his wife’s body hidden for 45 years.

Then, in 2018, Adams said that he killed his wife, Colleen Adams, 24, at their home on the Yorke Peninsula in 1973. He hit Colleen in the head with a metal object and buried her in the back of the house. Police found her body the same day. Geoffrey pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but he was not found guilty of killing Colleen. He died in prison in 2020, before he was sentenced. Mr. Malinauskas thinks that Labor’s plan will work to protect the most vulnerable people in South Australia’s communities; and put the safety of children and families above everything else in the state.

Labor also wants to spend an extra $2 million to help victims go through court and get the Victim Support Service back on track after the Liberal Party cut the group’s budget. The Victim Support Service helps people who have been a victim get help and counseling.