Spider Bite Origin Addressed By Tom Holland’s Peter Parker In New Video

No Way Home is now into its second entire weekend in theatres. And with no surprise to anyone, Marvel Studios has already reaped huge financial

By Mabel Judith Andrady
December 26,2021
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No Way Home is now into its second entire weekend in theatres. And with no surprise to anyone, Marvel Studios has already reaped huge financial rewards and critical praise. In addition to having the highest Rotten Tomatoes score ever, Tom Holland’s threequel has already made nearly $1 billion at the worldwide box office after only a few days of release.

Spider-Man: Homecoming pays homage to the hero’s live-action film history. It features more than half a dozen characters from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield films. Furthermore, Holland’s Spider-Man got to experience some of the classic storylines that Spidey is known for, both in the old movies and the comics.

During their video chat, Peter teased MJ about “(being bitten) by that spider” but didn’t go into detail about how he became the MCU’s Peter Parker. The film’s release inspired a series of social media posts based on No Way Home for Marvel and Sony.

Talking Spider Bites With Betty Brant And Peter Parker

Spider-Man: No Way Home’s official Tik Tok account has released two new clips teasing additional plot details.


New Betty Brant and Peter Parker episodes of Burning Questions were shown in the first video. Inquiring about his regrets over the spider bite origin that gave him superpowers, the two Midtown Tech students couldn’t agree on one thing:

Betty: “Tell me, if the spider who gave you your powers were here right now, what would you say? Would you say ‘Thanks’ or ‘Thanks for nothing?'”

Peter: “I would say ‘Thanks…'”

Betty: “…for nothing? And here’s J. Jonah Jameson with the last word.”

Preceded by a reassurance that the Daily Bugle would uncover Peter Parker’s “web of lies,” J.K. Simmons played J. Jonah Jameson.

“Rest assured, dear viewers, we here at the Daily Bugle will not rest until we’ve uncovered the truth behind his web of lies.”

In the second video, Betty appeared in a Tik Tok video, answering questions about her internship at the Daily Bugle.

On the MCU’s viewing public, Betty revealed that she knows Peter Parker and works as an intern at the Daily Bugle. Still, she also hinted at a potentially sinister reason for Jameson to have hired her.

“Do you work for The Daily Bugle?” “Yes! New intern alert!”

“Do you know Peter Parker?” “Yes! We went to school together!”

“Where’s the music?” “My boss was too cheap to buy it.”

“Were you hired for your personal connection to Peter Parker in hopes that you have info that can be used to destroy the Spider-Menace once and for all?” “Maybe (smile emoji)”

Tackling The Origin Story of Peter


This Spider-Man origin story has only been mentioned a few times in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man solo trilogy, but it hasn’t been the story’s primary focus. Jacob Batalon’s Ned asked about it before Peter confirmed that the spider had been killed in Spider-Man: Homecoming and No Way Home had only one scene that referenced it at all.

Although it’s been a mystery to MCU fans since Spider-arrival Man’s more than five years ago, the web-slinger’s fateful spider bite and its origin is a crucial part of his identity. However, it is possible to be fully realized in the forthcoming Disney+ animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Year; however, it remains one of Marvel’s mysteries.

What’s more, these videos only serve to accentuate J.K. Simmons’ excellent performance as the character he resurrected from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy in the middle of the millennium. To expect another epic verbal duel between him and his web-enhanced adversary in an upcoming Marvel project is a given.